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Democracy takes hold in Iraq

By Oz_Media ·
Iraqi students say arrested for wearing jeans
By Khaled Farhan

"NAJAF, Iraq (Reuters) - Students in the Shi'ite Muslim religious Iraqi city of Najaf said that police recently arrested and beat several of them for wearing jeans and having long hair.

"They arrested us because of our hair and because we were wearing jeans," said student Mohammed Jasim, adding that the arrests took place two weeks ago in the city, the spiritual heart of Iraq's newly dominant Shi'ite majority.

"They beat us in front of the people. Then they took us to their headquarters, beat us again, shaved our heads and tore our clothes. "

But that's not what really happened at all, nooooooo. ""We didn't oppress any freedoms. We detained them for a while and after we knew that they were students, we released them after they pledged they wouldn't do it again," Colonel Najah Yasir told Reuters."

Well, if the RCMP sahved my head and tore my Levis to shreds, I would MAYBE consider it oppressing my freedoms, but I suppose it's different for me, I HAVE freedoms.

And they would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for them meddling kids!
Rooby Dooby-DOOOOO!!!! :)

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by jck In reply to Democracy takes hold in I ...

if you carry a bag of pig blood with you, a muslim wouldn't f*** with you...spraying them with that is equivalent to spraying a vampire with garlic water.

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Here's a good one

by Oz_Media In reply to personally

A friend of mine runs a pretty sucessful little coffe shop that has spawned a busy catering business. As he is too busy with the catering (he's picked up a chain of coffee houses that want to carry his foods) he is looking to sell his coffee bar and focus on catering. HIs coffe bar sells all coffees and exotics, but also has sandwiches/rolls/wraps etc.

Someone was interested in buying and spent a few days looking at the operations before making his bid, on the day of his bid, he came forth and explained that he is not allowed to sell HAM due ot his religion so any sandwiches with HAM would have to be discontinued.

I was there at the time and both the owner and I had to really bite down to stop from laughin gin his face. He was courteously told thta it just wouldn't work for him but thanks for his interest.

The BIGGEST selling sandwiches and wraps are Ham & Cheese buns, Clubhouse sandwiches and breakfast wraps (with ham, egg and cheese). So this guy, who had just received his PHD and is currently writing his finals for another business administration/finance degree figured he could run a coffe/sandwich bar without HAM in the products.

Good luck with that, back to school for you!

Damnreligions, how repressive can they get? Christianity is the same thing, it either creates hypocrites or sinners. People often accept some of a give religion whilst bending the rules to suit their needs.

Religion seems to actually be the root of all evil and repression in the world, not the route to world peace at all.

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Religion != Fanatism

by jmgarvin In reply to Here's a good one

'Course you can't spell Fundamental with Fun! I think there are many that go off the deep end with religion, but if they looked at the CONTEXT of what they were reading, rather than the minutiae, than they would all realize religion boils down to this:
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

What really bothers me is since people (no matter the religion) don't know or understand history, they impose the current values on history so it doesn't make sense.

Religion by itself isn't bad, it is the morons who try to make it more than it really is that are bad.

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Faith is acceptable

by Oz_Media In reply to Religion != Fanatism

I wouldn't knock ANYONE's religion, your faith is your faith and it is yours to guide you. Some fid fith in things outside a specific religion, others find it by following a religion. Everynoe seems to have a different degree of what THEY consider appropriate for their chosen faith too.

TO each his own in other words, but when trhe religious fanatics take it verbatim (as you say study minutae)then it turns into hatred, superiority and war.

Faith and seeking acceptance of all around the world is what seems to work, beyon dthat it's pretty much ridiculous the way many hang on to outdated dogma. When any NEW evidence or conclusions are derived to show otherwise, the religion and scriptures it is based on are quickly reinterpreted to accept the new realizations and accomodate the faith they represent.

Religion in MANY ways is very hypocritical, religious folowers ALL have a different level of how that faith is to be applied. Like you said, if you take it as meaning look out for your fellowman then it is easy to accept from anyone and all religions show this same core message. When it's taken verbatim, it either ends with embarrassment or hypocrisy, thus conflict.

But I take it all with a grain of salt, I do my best to do my thing and contribute to the world around me, I have faith in my own actions and abilities, I drive myself without the need for outer influence to steer me.

If someone else chooses a different path, so be it and all the power to them, just don't expect me to adopt it, or don't start judging me based on the faith I have.

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by jmgarvin In reply to Faith is acceptable

I think the problem with faith is that there is no set "standard." Most of what humans do based on faith makes no sense (killing in the Jihad, the 100 years war, playing with snakes, et al).

The larger question is: Why do people of the same faith follow it so differently and why is something this is supposed to be god breathed so open for intrepretation?

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Interpretation is another reason I don't follow set religions.

by Oz_Media In reply to Agreed

First of all, as we all know, translations of the bible over the years have varied incredibly.

Scriptures stating Jesus walked on water can also be
interpreted as Jesus strode beside water.

The latter being much more credible of course.

So what about all the other interpretations f the exact same text that mean completely different things in different countries?

Canadian's see a lot of this with French, the same thing translated verbatim often makes no sense in English and must be considered to find the true meaning of the comment. Consideration leaves it up to a persons own interpretation of what is being IMPLED not written. Therefore an educated guess at best.

the thing that baffles me is that people read these interpretations and as ridiculous and far fetched as some seem, they are followed 'religiously' withot question. Once question IS raised, another translation of some earlier passage (again basedon personal assumption of what was meant) is used to counter the doubt.
It's just circular and nonsensical, there ARE no facts, ther ARE no straight translations to be found as we don't have anyone FROM that era to translate the true meaning, and even then, how accurate to the writers words would that translation be?

It's the old /whisper in one persons ear and let that whisper spread around the room', ask the last person what was originally whispered and it is completely different from the original.

We cannot rely on ancient scriptures to guide us,
we progress by moving forward abd not basing our present on past actions, unless we are looking at previous lessons learned from our actions.

As far as someone's CHOICE to follow a set of religious guidelines or faith, Ifeel every man and woman on Earth should have that CHOICE and the freedomd to find their faith.

Just don't push it upon me or consider me a sinner as outlined by YOUR faith's guidelines.

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I have never agreed with you more!

by ITgirli In reply to Interpretation is another ...

I think it's a sign of Armageddon!

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damn, Oz

by jck In reply to Interpretation is another ...

I agree with you too.

Thing that really opened my eyes about how faulty "modern" translations (meaning, anything past the original) of the Bible are came when I was taking a sociology course in college studying "uncivilized" cultures.

One of them we studied was a book based on the experiences of a man with a tribe in a jungle part of Africa. When he learned their traditions and language, he found that the tribe had a word that equated to the word "dead". However, someone could be "dead" meaning that the person had died, or "dead" could mean that they were cast from the tribe never to return, etc.

Basically, my ideology is: I believe in God, not what mortal man tells me that God is. Man is imperfect, and therefore his work is as well. This means, man's translation of the Bible from its original content to modern incarnations has been through many layers of imperfect translation and interpretation. Therefore, I take the words in the Bible with caution.

It's not the exact word that means anything to me, but the ideology behind them.

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Wow! I agree!

by ITgirli In reply to Here's a good one

Religion is the basis for nearly any war ever fought. I really don't understand how this could be. I went to a private christian school, and I have never understood going to war over religion. It's all "my imaginary friend can beat up your imaginary friend!" Is that a reason for blood shed? I think not. If we want World peace, we must stop organized religion. Believe in what you will, I believe in God, but I whole-heartedly disagree with organized religioin. I believe that everyone should find their religion for and within themselves.

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Religion as a mask

by JamesRL In reply to Wow! I agree!

I don't think its the fault of religion that organized religion has often succumb to the pressures of the political elite of the day.

The crusades were not justified by religion alone, as the muslims in the area had lived in relative harmony with Christians and Jews. What inpired the crusades was the increasing popularity of the Muslim faith and the threat it might start to erode Christian support in areas like Constantinople(which was the seat of the Pope at one time).

People and politicians often hide behind "religious" beliefs that somehow serve their own personal and political agendas. They use religion as a mask, not seeking God's will, but seeking a religious based justification for their own prejudices.

If I interpret the parable of the Good Samaritan correctly (and I think I do) one of the messages it is trying to convey is that it was a person of another religion (and one hated by most Jews) who showed the greatest religious virtues of love and compassion, while priests shunned the victim by the side of the road. I don't think it was by accident that Jesus chose to use as an example someone who was considered to be heretical and worse to use as an example.

People read their holy works and see what they want to see based on their own bias and cultures. They chose pick out passages in isolation and ignore the larger context. Blaming organized religion is blaming ourselves....


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