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Democrat Senator John Kerry: 53 Percent Don't Graduate High School

By maxwell edison ·
I literally did a double-take this morning when, on NBC's Today Show, I heard John Kerry say that 53 percent of American kids don't graduate from High School.

What kind of nonsense is that?

And what kind of nonsense is it that Katie Couric didn't question him on it?

(Perhaps 53 percent don't graduate -- from public schools -- with 12th grade skills, but that's another issue entirely.)

I didn't even have to look up the true number to know that Kerry was spewing his usual c**p. (I wonder what the number really is? Any wagers it's significantly less than 53 percent?) If Kerry is right, I'll eat my hat (dating myself?) AND I'll vote straight-line Democrat Party in the next election. (Somebody is bound to look-up the real number - U.S. Census Bureau, perhaps?)

No wonder so many Americans are so poorly informed.

How many Democrats are going to pick-up on this and run with yet another mistruth spewed by Kerry and/or his merry band of loony tunes?

Side-note: I sure hope Kerry runs for president again in 2008.

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I'm a moderate Democrat...

by Mickster269 In reply to Democrat Senator John Ker ...

and sometimes I just roll my eyes at some of the Democratic Leaders.

85 % of all americans over the age of 25 have a HS diplomacy (or GED ).

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I love, and even welcome debate. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to I'm a moderate Democrat.. ...

....when it's based on ideological differences, that is.

But the incessant mischaracterizations and misrepresentations are enough to drive me crazy. (Perhaps I'm already there! Colin?)

And I get SOooooooooo frustrated when I try to debate ideology, but the replies are the same, worn-out, tried and tired, silly and stupid partisan rhetoric. (And people wonder why I call them idiots!)

I know, I know. The reply will be that both major parties do it. And to that I might say, perhaps, but the Democrat Party does it much more and to a greater degree than Republicans.

I believe that Republicans are more willing to stand-pat on their ideological beliefs, letting them speak for themselves, while the Democrats are more hesitant to proudly admit their ideological principles upon which they stand. I always hear what they're (Democrats) against, but I seldom hear what they're specifically for. Much more political rhetoric is spewed from the left.

Disclaimer: Republicans, in my opinion, have abandoned many of their core principles in favor of political expediency. For those who are familiar with my past writings and opinions, you know that I'm disappointed with the Republican Party in this regard. Give me a Barry Goldwater Republican over the whole lot of today's bunch.

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Goldwater Republican's were small govt. mavens

by X-MarCap In reply to I love, and even welcome ...

Goldwater was a believer in limiting the power of the Federal government. The early Democratic-Republicans were for very limited government. The Democrats were for not for a strong central government until WWII. Then the power of a 4 time president went to the Democratic party's collective heads.

Currently the democrats act like the Federalists, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton etc. who were for a strong central government, and expanding its power. Since the thirties the Republicans had stood for limited government. Now there is no check on Federal expansion...


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I know and agree with...

by maxwell edison In reply to Goldwater Republican's we ...

....everything you said.

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A link to the video

by maxwell edison In reply to Democrat Senator John Ker ...

And Kerry started the interview saying that the president should tell the truth to the American people. This is absolutely incredible!

If you missed the interview (and I couldn't blame you if you did; it WAS the Today Show, after all - GAG!)

Scroll down about three-quarters of the way on the Web page to the link ? Video: 'Live for Today' to see the video clip.

How many lies and mistruths can you count in this one interview?

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Softball interview

by networthy In reply to Democrat Senator John Ker ...

Katie doesn't have the talent or ability to ask the tough questions. She's as uniformed as Kerry and the rest of the ignorant masses in this country.

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Depends on where you look

by TheChas In reply to Democrat Senator John Ker ...

There are a lot of contradictory numbers out there on US high school graduation rates. Overall nationwide graduation rates are as low as 63%

Most of the highest numbers ignore any students who did not enter high school.

Still, the reports that come closest to John Kerry's 53% primarily look at minority and inner urban schools.

Like all statistics, it is difficult to pin down a baseline to calculate the actual graduation rate from.

We know how many students actually graduated high school.

We know how many children were born 18 years ago.

But, we don't really know:
How many moved away.
How many died.
How many immigrated both legal and illegal.

Nor, how many graduated from unregulated schools.

Some sources:

Does your comment about 2008 imply that you want to see John Kerry as President?

Unless something drastic happens in the next 2 years, or the Republicans find a very good candidate, I expect that whomever runs as the Democratic candidate will be elected.

I peg John Kerry's overall chances as slightly better than Hilary Clinton's if only because I don't believe the average US voter is ready for a female President.


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My comment about wanting to see Kerry run in 2008. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Depends on where you look

. not to imply that I want to see him as president, but rather because he is such a buffoon, and he comes across so poorly, that he'd almost guarantee another two-term Republican president.

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High School graduation is considered important.

by X-MarCap In reply to Depends on where you look

My Children are Home Schooled. They speak English,
French, Spanish, and are learning Greek and Hebrew. Son also speaks and reads German.

My 20 year old son tested 1560 on SAT. My 21 year old daughter 1420. My two younger children will be better prepared. (Son did 800 on MATH, but so did daughter.) My kids didn't graduate High School. My son is going into Chiropractic studies and my daughted has completed her undergrad studies.

Kerry wants everyone to go to public schools, except those few who can afford private schools. He is an elitist snob. I have a cousin who lives near him in Boston. They rerouted water mains and fire hydrants to accomodate him. He is a major league PITA.(Pain in...)

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