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Dennis Miller Show

By jkaras ·
Well his show has been on for a few weeks amidst good and bad reviews. I personally dont find it a funny show which I was hoping it would be. Maybe after the election is will be more entertainment than political discussions or a balance of the two. However I do find it interesting that the guests that he has on express all points of view(balanced cast not out numbering the other sides, some are crackpots or rather self serving mind you) of our current election. I think he has stood up for common sense on political issues as well as social issues that people are concerned with. I dont agree with all or most but some issues. He expresses his opinion and his agendas but gives ample discussion for opposing views to let the audience determine fact from fiction vs. other shows that lean to a specific side. He does from time to time lean towards the Republican side more than the Democratic but he also points out many flaws of the republicans.

What is your take on the show? Is it a lot of hot air, informative, relatively unbiased compared to other shows in the same gemre, or is it just a snooze fest?

I think he is a really talented person that lets it fly rather than play safe to stay on tv which has made me give him more of a chance than I would have if I wasnt previously a fan. He definetly needs to ditch the monkey prop, it just isnt funny. For those of you across the pond sorry if you cant watch it or comment on the show since you might not be able to see it, but you can comment on his career since you have seen reruns of other shows and his movies that he died in everyone except one.

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My take on Miller

by maxwell edison In reply to Dennis Miller Show

Dennis Miller used to be your typical Hollywood staunch liberal. I remember the early Saturday Night Live shows when Miller was a cast member. (He wasn't an original, but was on the show in the late 80s.) He was brutal on Republicans in general, and on Ronald Reagan in particular. I hated him. (Hate to be taken in a figurative sense, not literally.) He's now a registered Republican, and he's now brutal on Democrats in general, and disingenuous Democrats in particular. I now love him. (Love to be taken in a figurative sense, not literally.)

Dennis Miller attributes 9-11 to his change in political philosophy, at least from what I've heard. I've not seen his new show however, as I don't have cable television. (I refuse to pay for TV.) But love him or hate him, he sure does have a keen sense of timing, he's very smart, and is incredibly witty.

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Miller on Leno

by TopesBlues In reply to My take on Miller

I also don?t have cable but did get a chance to see him on the Jay Leno show a few weeks back. He does lean toward the right. I wish I could see his show, it would be a welcome change from the far left rhetoric of the David Letterman show.

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Bill Maher rules

by wordworker In reply to Dennis Miller Show

Haven't seen Dennis' new show yet but I have always liked his work, and I don't care what his political affiliation is. (My wife the dyed in the wool Democrat hates him now.) Bill Maher is the new King of the Comedy Rant, as far as I'm concerned. The only show I didn't like was the one where he brought on Al "Big Fat Liar" Sharpton. Check out his Web site and you can read transcripts of recent "new rules" which are hilarious.

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Bill Maher - ugh!

by maxwell edison In reply to Bill Maher rules

Dennis Miller will take pot shots at Democrats, to be sure, but he'll also take some shots at Republicans as well. Maher, on the other hand, is pretty much a left-winger with blinders on. His shots are always pointed to the right, never to the left. Although Miller is very political, he could (note I said "could") be more palatable to those of the opposing political persuasion, whereas Maher is an extreme spokesman for the left, and pretty much disliked by everyone on the right.

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Disliked but still funny

by wordworker In reply to Bill Maher - ugh!

Fair enough. I still think Maher has become the funnier of the two. It took a while for me to get over his comments about the 9/11 bombers being "brave" but I've come to like his new show. That parody song he did about the "costume malfunction" was laugh out loud funny.

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I've not seen his new show

by maxwell edison In reply to Disliked but still funny

I've not seen him since his Politically Incorrect show. He got the boot from that show, didn't he? Is it still on, but with another host? Is his new show a new Politically Incorrect?

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by wordworker In reply to I've not seen his new sho ...

Max, it's on Friday nights live 8-9 PM on HBO, then it's repeated again at 11:30 that same night. Yes he got booted from P.I. because of fallout from the 9/11 comments. This one's called "Real Time with Bill M." I think. Here's the URL

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by jkaras In reply to Disliked but still funny

I admit I liked Bill when he got his start on a New Years Eve broadcast. He hit great comedic one liners that made the show while freezing. However it wasnt anything brilliant, just funny concerning the absolute freezing temps. I gave him a chance watching his Politically Correct show. I tuned in liking the idea that the show was going to push the envelope on controversial topics getting celebrities to shead their politician answers and be real for a change. Despite his attempts at prodding them they always played it safe. To me he should have stayed with comedy central rather than transferring the show. The celebs were more apt to be real. As his show gained more momentum he became an arrogant snob and his standup confirmed that he thinks way too highly of himself.

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jkaras - perfect description

by maxwell edison In reply to Bill

Describing Bill Maher as an "arrogant snob" fits him to a tee.

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by TopesBlues In reply to Bill

Why do people care what celebrities think when it comes to politics.(or anything else for that matter) These people are no more enlightened to what?s going on than the rest of us. Yet there always on TV sputtering out their views.

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