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Diagrams of motherboards

By Kanga3 ·
I'm a tutor in IT and would like to know if there is a website that has good diagrams of motherboards with headings, so that students could learn the various parts. Also if there are diagrams of other hardware components, would be great. These diagrams are to be used as teaching aids for students just starting out in IT.


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RE: Motherboard Diagrams

by sgo7 In reply to Diagrams of motherboards

I think most of the MB manufacturers provide online manuals that contain diagrams of their MBs. I know ASUS does -- they have very good manuals in PDF.

Good luck,

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Must have slipped my mind

by Kanga3 In reply to RE: Motherboard Diagrams

Thanks, of course they do. Trying to do to many things at once, must have slipped my mind

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Manufacturer and label yourself

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Diagrams of motherboards

The manufacturers have pictures of their motherboards, and other hardware, on their websites. Just download a copy and then use something like Photoshop, Paint or Publisher to add the labels that you want. In the past I have made some by using Publisher to display the labels (with arrows) one at a time as aprt of a presentation. Does not take long to do.

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by Kanga3 In reply to Manufacturer and label yo ...

Yes we already play with old hardware, but students want to have information to take home. thanks for your suggestion

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Teacher handouts

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Thanks

Yes they do, that is why teachers have handouts. I always made the presentation available as a file on the communal harddrive and gave out a print out of the final picture with all items labelled. The reason for the slide show was that I could discuss each item and have it readily identified on the slide.

Watch out for the manufacturers who have .pdf manuals as it is often hard to get the pictures off them, but you can copy the file and give the whole file to the students if you want.

BTW Many manufacturers stop carrying info on their older hardware when they decide that they are not going to support it any more.

Another way is to take a digital pic of the old gear you have and then use photoshop or or Word or similar to add labels.

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Hardware Book

by TheChas In reply to Diagrams of motherboards

Personally, I would visit a local PC shop and get an assortment of dead motherboards.

Then, use a Brother P-Touch labeler to create your own labels.

Hands on is a lot better than pictures.

As far as other hardware, again, dead hardware makes for good training material.

You can also give this site a try:

They have a large number of connector and cable diagrams that you can download.


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