Dial up connection

By ericus882 ·
I was Trying to connet my PC through a Telephone line I did every neccesary setting
but when dial an error message display saying ERROR CODE 680 and contineous saying there was no dailing tone. meanwhile I hear a tone from the Telephone beeping twice. any suggestion.

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by deity_chooch In reply to Dial up connection

Sounds like you either have it hooked up wrong, or the modem is having an issue. Hopefully you don't have the telephone line plugged into the network port on your computer. The network port is larger than a modem port and although the telephone line will fit, it will not work. If the telephone line is tested, working, and in the correct port on your computer, you will have to check that your modem is installed and has the correct drivers. Also check that your dial-up connection is using the modem and not some other device.

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Re: Dial up

by ericus882 In reply to Dial-up

Well I don't think I put the Telephone line into a network port I put it the modem its PCI and it has two ways for the telephone line. It was working before and I dont really know what is wrong, I went to device manager to check if the modem is installed and it shows up there and says this device is working properly. so what do you think I still cant connet.

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by deity_chooch In reply to Re: Dial up

Sorry for the delay, I just decided to revisit old posts. Anyway, I'm not sure why it would not be working if it is plugged in correctly and everything has the correct, updated drivers. I would at this point recommend reinstalling the dial-up adapter drivers and maybe even deleting and recreating the dial-up connection. Hopefully that will trick your system into working.

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In addition to the diety's answer

by IC-IT In reply to Dial up connection

Do you have a Dial-up account?
When you talked about the dial tone why two beeps? Usually a dial tone is steady.

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