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Did I goof up my TechRepub registration?

By Shanghai Sam ·
I posted this question at 2:00 AM on TechRepublic's "Contact Us" page, but now I am putting it here ...

I registered with TechRepublic earlier today. I thought I entered everything correctly, according to the several e-mail "Confirmations" whichI received within minutes. I did in fact go into the "Peer Directory" sign-up / info-entry site, which took nearly an hour to complete. I also made quite certain that I had checked the box in front of the "Include me in Peer Directory". I also received a "Peer Directory Listing Confirmation" by e-mail within five minutes after submitting the requested information. Everything appeared to be correct. But when I searched the "Peer Directory" to verify the accuracy of my submission, I could find nomatching result. I searched by my last name (Sloan), then by my business name (GASS Typographics), and finally by my Peer Directory "Alias" (Misha-Bear). Apparently, all that I managed to do (somehow) was to not be included in the "Peer Directory" listing.

Did I overlook something vital, or do something incorrectly or inaccurately, or possibly anything else that might have "screwed up" my registration? Or am I just being too impatient in expecting it to have shown up right away? (i.e., doesa certain time period have to elapse before's databases can be updated?)

Please call my pager at (310) 564-9984, then enter your callback number, and press (#), or please send an e-mail to me at <> if you happen to have any clue as to what might have gone wrong ...

Steven Michael Sloan
dba "GASS Typographics"
Long Beach, California 90802-2949
Website URL:
From Misha-Bear (

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