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Digital Camera downloading pictures

By onbliss ·
I am not even sure if I should be posting this at TR. But I thought we all being so techie :-)), some of you definitely would have some valuable suggestions. And I trust you guys more than the Best Buy Sales staff (hmmm am I comparing Apples to Oranges?).

Anyway, the point is I will be going on a vacation, and I think I would be taking plenty of pictures each day using my Digital Camera (Canon for the curious). At the end of each day, I would like to download the pictures to a "device" so that my memory stick is ready for action the next day. Once back home, I should be able to download the pictures from this "device" to my home PC.

I considered taking my laptop, but I will not be able to do take it. So my options are to buy:
1) 2-3 more of memory sticks.
2) The magical "device" (that you guys are going to suggest).

Guys help me with your valuable suggestions.

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by stargazerr In reply to Digital Camera downloadin ...

If you dont want to take your laptop and will have access to a public computer ... you can consider putting the pictures online and later downloading them when you get home ...

The only other option is, if you have a printer that accepts memory cards and has either a built in CD recorder, or a USB port that accepts external drives.

Edited to add: Another thing you could do is set your camera on a lower setting so you can fit more pictures


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Public Computer = ??

by onbliss In reply to Well,

Dunno, if I will have access to public computers. Your idea is a good one, though. I think I will go with more sticks, based on what I have read here so far.


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Here's the portable drive w/ mem card

by Dr Dij In reply to Public Computer = ??

jobo, a 40gig hd with card readers of many kinds. $179; battery powered i think

epson version identical 40gig, but has color pix viewer too! $449

btw, there are public computers in fedex/ kinko stores, internet cafe's, many other places.

I've been on biz trips and had to file reports from these before I had a portable.

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Memory sticks

by Old Guy In reply to Digital Camera downloadin ...

Kind of inline with Star, I bought a 512MB stick and I have a 256MB in my case. Are you planning on taking over a thousand pictures during your trip? If so, then the public PC might be good for you.

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by onbliss In reply to Memory sticks

...I am not sure how many pictures I will end up taking. To just give you an idea, when we went to Alaska and Hawaii...I ended up using 11+ rolls of films (on a 35mm). With a digital camera one tends to get little whacky and snap in more pictures (thinking that one will somehow find the time to delete the bad/unnecessary ones later)

As kids will be travelling with us, I probably would just go crazy take more than the necessary pictures.

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Kids travelling

by Old Guy In reply to Dunno...

Well, that's what you're supposed to do. Yes, you'll probably take over a thousand. Buy more sticks.

Post edited due to a wrong letter. Oh, my, how could I have done that???

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Kids everywhere...

by onbliss In reply to Kids travelling

...yeah thats what we do :-) I would'nt just be able to travel without the kids. Neither would my wife. My eldest son (7yr old) loves travelling and going to places just as much as we do. We took him to Alaska, Hawaii, Rushmore when he was far younger.

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why delete?

by Dr Dij In reply to Dunno...

I've got infinite storage for trips. i.e. more storage on 3" dvd's for megapixel stills than I can take pictures. This lets me not have to think if I should skip a good picture.

On trails I get pix of everything.. This helps you enjoy too as you're looking more closely and see more stuff. Sure there'll be a few bad or blurry shots, so what! When I read into photo album, I delete the blurry ones.

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by jkaras In reply to Digital Camera downloadin ...

WHy cant you bring your laptop? That would be the best solution and it wouldnt cost you anything. Basically you need some sort of computer. At most hotels they have a computer to use for internet. I was just at a Radisson that was rather elite. They didnt even bother to use any filtering for web use. My buddy was joking and went to an adult site just to get me embarrassed. It actually went to it. I couldnt believe it as we ran out of there. Mostly they lock them down. If they have the pc wide open I would buy either a really nice thumb drive that had a decent amount of space or an external hdd. here are a few examples if you have the money
There are more external hdds on Newegg that are larger in space and size requiring power that are just as expensive. To me I would buy a decent external hdd with good space. It will be more handy than an expensive thumb drive, but I can understand constraints of space when traveling. Newegg is a really good site to buy from. Some brands I dont know or fully trust, but their return policy is quite good and easy.

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Reason for not taking laptop....

by onbliss In reply to hmm...

...I put into lots of money into my laptop Dell Inspiron 9300($2600) (17" wide display and what not, and geared towards programming, also it is kind of bulky for travels).

I do not want to take this out of the country. I will be travelling to Mexico...and just don't want to get into any kind of hassle or end up damaging my laptop.

If I can buy a cheap laptop ($200 bucks) in the next couple of days, then I would be willing to take that.

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