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Digital Signature Not Found...

By tracialona ·
UGH. I can't even get product updates from Microsoft's website because I get the "Digital Signature Not Found" pop up, which stops me from downloading. I've stopped checking my Yahoo mail from work because I would always get that error. I wanted to download Macromedia Flash Player, but can't because of the same reason. I can't even get critical updates because of it.
This started happening after I completely rebuilt my machine. It was running W2K Server (previous person in my position thought it was necessary, I do not..) and it was blue screening 4 and 5 times in a row. Finally I got fed up and wiped the hard drive clean and installed W2K professional. Since then, I've gotten this error. I have reason to suspect it's something to do with the domain policy set up here (but G*d only knows what it is) because when I took the system home to rebuild it, I was accessing websites fine. When I brought it back here and joined it to the domain, it went screwy.
What can I look for to get this problem resolved. I'm so frustrated with it I can't even begin to explain.....
Thanks so much,
Traci Genaw
San Francisco, CA

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it is most likely the domain security

by lloyd.doug In reply to Digital Signature Not Fou ...

Sorry to inform you of this but it your problem is the result of your computer joing a W2K domain with AD and security policies in place. If you are a local administrator on the box you can remove the security settings however the next time you logoff and log on they will be reset by your domain account.

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