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Dipping penguin toy?

By gralfus ·
Does anyone know where to get those little glass "penguin" things that dip their nose in water and then tip back up, ad infinitum? They were all the rage in the 1970's.

I don't even know what to call them, but a few dozen searches on Google didn't reveal anything for me. Tried searching on science toys, penguin dip nose water, and other variations.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Dipping penguin toy?

I was talking to a friend the othr day and we were relating something (can't remeber exactly but it was work related) to the dipping penguin.

I hadn't even had that come to mind in .....20 years or so?

As for where to get one, I am not sure but in Canada we have stores full of gadgets and stuff (SanFranciso, Bedazzled etc) I would look to places like this, a lot of the old retro stuff is available there, lavalamps (Trendy again? Without LSD?)get this, PET ROCKS! and yes we all know bell bottoms are once again cool (for the time being).

So I would just look at the trendy, retro stores in the local mall.

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Edmund Scientific

by TheChas In reply to Dipping penguin toy?

One source for the Drinking Bird toy is Edmund Scientific.

(Remove any spaces from the pasted link.)

The US price is 2 for $7.95


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by gralfus In reply to Edmund Scientific

I was able to get the Penguins and a couple of other gizmos. Thanks!

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