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Disabling IE

By kathleens ·
I would like to disable IE so that the users who are abusing the internet no longer have access. I'm not sure how to go about doing this w/o comprimising the use of other apps. To set them up as restricted users may interfere with the use of otherapps. Any sollution?

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Yes ! Take it off the desktop

by eujay In reply to Disabling IE

If you only want to disable IE but still leave it on the PC the simplest way is to remove it's shortcut from the desktop. Right click the icon and send it to the recycle bin. Explorer will still be available from the programs folder so you might want to think about removing it's entry there too. Right click on the task bar and select "advanced" then you can navigate to find it's entry in the programs folder and chuck it out.

If you do both of these then Explorer will still be on the PC but it will not be obvious that it is still there. An advanced user will be able to find it using "Find" or by browsing through windows explorer.

On the other hand completely removing explorer will not harm the PC. It should'nt affect other applications. Try uninstalling it on one PC and see what happens. If there are no adverse effects then you can go ahead and remove it from all your PC's.

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Abuse of internet services

by dpalsen In reply to Disabling IE

I realize this is unsolicited, but keep in mind that if you take away ALL internet priveleges, you'll end up killing morale as well. Try to put up a policy that employees should not use it except on lunch breaks, etc., and then enforce that. Also,perhaps try logging their activity. I think you'll find that doing this for a select few will end up trimming the fat in the long run.


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disenabling IE

by shuja52 In reply to Abuse of internet service ...

first let me know which server Your company is using

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IE disenabling

by shuja52 In reply to Disabling IE

Yes u can disable IE in NT or any platform by simply disabling HTTP protocol in your netwrok setting (For users)

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