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    Disaster recovery rebuild efforts


    by editor’s response ·

    Tell us what you think about Mike Talon’s advice about how to rebuild after a disaster strikes, as featured in the March 11 Disaster Recovery e-newsletter. What incentives and policies does your organization have in place to keep existing staff? Have you set aside a budget to hire new staff if needed? Let us know if this information is useful to you.

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      Disaster Recovery Management

      by bizcon ·

      In reply to Disaster recovery rebuild efforts

      Dear Mike,

      Your article made a point in HR situation when the disaster strikes. A very valid point in maintaining the high morale of the staff.

      If it is due to human error, we need to train the staff on specific issues which missed our planning attention. But if it is human factor, then thing becomes more than slippery. In fact, most of the disasters occur when someone in the structure failed to give unconditional attention to details or the standard check list. We surely need to handle the situation more tactfully than appears on the surface.

      But no plan is 100% fool proof, in the sense that extraneous factors are not taken in consideration while developing the plan. I believe that we should pool the knowledge of as many possiblesituations and try to evolve a better plan. That is, we are always in a state of flux. Constant monitoring our own environment and looking out to learn what others have done in handling their disaster.

      I like your message about managing after thedisaster strikes. It is equally important as planning stage.

      Best Regards.

      Sharad C. Kapadia
      Director, The SUTEX Co-op. Bank Ltd., Surat, India

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      Commentary Value—AOK

      by 12345 ·

      In reply to Disaster recovery rebuild efforts

      Though reading Mikes material is helpful as well as the other contributors,MIkes seems to be of the best, so keep up the good work and to the others as well..
      However, in my case being in the PUBLIC sector domain,most of his and others miss the mark in my sector.Being drastically under funded with NO relief insite, a hard hiring feeze, IT staff leaving by the bunches, a no new IT project attitude and much more. So on Mikes most recent article, in this sector being able to hire and/or set asidebudget dollars as bonuses etc are vertually impossible. So all we can do at this juncture is hope we never get hit REAL hard and or often and that our PC backups and mainframe tape backups WORK….Ha!
      ps. and prey the data center can find the previous backup tapes……
      wish us well

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