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I've recently become involved in one of the hottest discussions on TR regarding whether or not War-Driving is illegal or unethical. In posting and reading some of the other member's posts, it is obvious to me that the discussion forums need some moderating.

I'd like to suggest a button that allows users to report a post to the administrator. I have seen this on other discussion boards and it appears to work very well. This button would allow a read to report a poster of derogatory comments that are offensive to the reader. For example, the following post**0 is totally uncalled for and does not add anything to the conversation. This would be an example of a post that would be submitted to the administrator for corrective action. Eventually, the moderator could remove this users' membership to TR.

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You're not the first to suggest this

by stress junkie In reply to Discussion Forum Idea/Sug ...

This suggestion appears from time to time. Several months ago I made the same suggestion. Other members pointed out some problems with implementing this. I finally decided that the TR community is more interesting because it tolerates rude behavior.

Most of the time TR members get to know which other members are interesting and which to avoid. In the case of the example post that you suggested should be removed I would point out that this person purports to be an IT manager and yet cannot even spell orifice correctly. Most of us are either entertained by the idiots or we avoid them.

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And my favorite

by jdclyde In reply to You're not the first to s ...

are the people that flame other people about spelling, and then have issues with their own posts.

That is about the only time I will point out typos or misspellings. The only other time is when the typo is more funny than the intended word! ;\

IT Manager. That is funny!

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by Old Guy In reply to You're not the first to s ...

There have been several posts and even whole discussions that were offensive to me. As soon as I realized that I closed out of the discussion and didn't go back to it. Just because I don't like some of the really off-color or sexually explicit comments that have been made in some these don't mean they need to be yanked out of here. It just means that I have to choose not to participate.

Quite frankly, a lot of the flaming has just shown how stupid and inferior those people are. Yes, I agree, I just learn to skip those folks.

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I wouldn't hold my breath waiting

by jdclyde In reply to Discussion Forum Idea/Sug ...

Provided the language doesn't get too abusive and crude, we are pretty much left to moderate ourselves here. It is all part of respecting that whole idea of "Freedom of speech".

Unfortunately, you do not have "Freedom from being offended", and that is a discussion I was planning on starting up today as well.

You quickly learn the people that have nothing positive to add to the discussion and either can have a flame war or ignore them. (the second option is the one that really gets to them!)

Never let someone else affect your mood, as they can only do this if you LET them. Rise above and you can still have a grand experience here.

Question, "Bare Metal" in your profile. Bare metal installs? What are you refering?

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Respectfully disagree

by DMambo In reply to Discussion Forum Idea/Sug ...

I do agree that the type of post that you highlighted is totally unnecessary and inflammatory, but I don't think that there should be an easy link to "tattle" on the offensive party.

My main concern is that some people get offended at the slightest provocation, and will report users for minor flames. Would you expect TR to take action by suspending the account and purging the post? The jerks out there could easily come back with a new ID and continue their behavior.

And to be frank, I enjoy watching as these people go down in flames at the hands of our peers. The post you noted was directed at JDClyde, who is fully capable of defending himself. I really look forward to NeilB, SleepinDawg or Maxwell getting flamed. They have GOOD comebacks. I've been flamed myself, and find it fun to fire back. I try to keep my language clean, but at times have had difficulty remaining civil.

I think our community should continue self-policing.

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And what is funny

by jdclyde In reply to Respectfully disagree

is I didn't even realize who the linked post was aimed at until you said that!

Gee, he must have slipped under the radar. Will just have to do something about that! Woo Woo! :^O

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Adds to the fun ...

by stargazerr In reply to Discussion Forum Idea/Sug ...

People either ignore these posts or get into a flaming argument about them ... Now, I am not a voyeur in any way ... but sometimes it gets interesting ...

The best part is ... you can choose for yourself who is tolerable and who isnt ... :)


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If memberships are removed

by maecuff In reply to Discussion Forum Idea/Sug ...

because the poster says something uncalled for or doesn't add to the conversation, I won't last another week..

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Week huh?

by jdclyde In reply to If memberships are remove ...

That is really giving yourself a little more credit than called for, isn't it? By the end of THIS week maybe....

Who loves ya! I do!

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I don't think so..

by maecuff In reply to Week huh?

I rarely give myself too much credit. I think I can hang on for at least a mother ****** **** brained asshole.. :)

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