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Discussions or Tech Q&A ....

By CG IT ·
It appears that discussions are slowly taking over the technical Q&A and pretty soon, no ones gonna post on the Tech Q&A [which would get rid of the pain in the butt tech points which never gets us a coffee mug or tee shirt [wouldn't get one anyway cuz I don't have my address listed but thats beside the point].

What say you??

let Tech Q&A die in favor of Discussions?

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No...Leave Q&A on!

by Black Panther In reply to Discussions or Tech Q&A ...

Leave Q&A... you might need it one day!

The idea of the points is not so you can get a cheap coffee mug :) -- I'll send you one from Australia if you really need one.

If Q&A helps one person ( with or without points it's worth it! )

Discussions will always be more popular some people never use Q&A and only discussions and vice versa! :)

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