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Disk recovery

By flores ·
Is there a way to recover a file from a diskette? I saved 2 documents on my floppy disk and when I'm about to retrieve the file, it's giving me a message that the file cannot accessed. Thanks a lot.

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by mrafrohead In reply to Disk recovery

This is how I would handle it...

First make a copy of the disk, just in case...

Second, you can take one of the two disks and scan it for errors. That may fix it. But it also may not, and make the file as if it weren't there. In that case you can use a program such as Ontracks' Easy Data Recovery to recover the file. Depending on the type of file that is on there - the file may also just be corrupt. There are also utilities that you can use to restore these file types.

What type of file is it that you are trying to open??? If it is something that I have worked with before, maybe I can recommend a utility to help out.

I hope that this helps you somewhat


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Also If the Info is Very Important you c

by radiic In reply to
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Slight change

by admin In reply to Also If the Info is Very ...

I would copy first and then work on the copy. Try utilities you have first..... scandisk Norton disk doctor etc. and then you can make more copies for the real retrieval proggies.


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Very Hard !

by necromanthus In reply to Disk recovery

First you must chech the disk surface (with ScanDisk for example).If you have FAT1 or FAT2 readable (it means TRACK 0) there are several utilities able to recover the information on the disk (see Norton products).

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by flores In reply to Very Hard !

The file that we're having problem is written in excel. We cannot move or make a copy of the file. I have no clue why it's doing that. Anyway, any is greatly appreciate and thanks for your previous suggestions.

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by mrafrohead In reply to hi

You may not be able to move the file, but that is okay. You want to make a copy of the WHOLE disk. An image of it if you will...

That way if you run scan disk and it fixes the errors but makes the disk worse than it is now, you will still have a backup to work on!!!

As for an excel file. This is what I have found works best.

Run scandisk and let it automatically fix the errors. Usually that will make it so the file is accessable. But the file will more than likely be corrupt. What you want to do then is use this program: Excel Recovery 2.2.
This will restore the Excel file to something that you will be able to gain access to and also be able to save as a different file that will be a known working copy!!!

After that you will be good to go, and a hero to the person who thought that they lost their file


Anywho, good luck and let me know how it turns out, or if you need any more help.


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She threw the diskette

by flores In reply to BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING!!!

The user got frustrated and threw out the diskette. She found a backup copy from her home pc. But I got a big hug from her just to say thank you.

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by RDSchaefer In reply to Disk recovery

Sorry, I can't provide a URL but if you do a search on ReqQFloppy I'm sure you'll find it. It's a great program for just your problem.


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Recovery your Files

by svrarvind In reply to ResQFloppy

Here is a tool that u would find it very useful.Please download the trial version for 30 days and it is really great application.

The Utility is know as File Restore and you can download it from winternals Software Company.
Go to site and download a free demo

Let me know

Happy Recovery


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