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Dispatching the Troll

By Tig2 ·
So in a variety of threads- many of which I think most of us would like to have go away- a bunch of side conversations began. And all of those side conversations were more interesting than the thread origins.

I propose that we continue to enjoy lighthearted banter over here.

Besides- the other threads were getting annoying to read... way too long and stuff.

See you around the watercooler!

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Good Spirits

by WingedMonkey In reply to Dispatching the Troll

Nice to see you in a mood for lighthearted banter. *S*

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If you try the venison fajitas

by Tig2 In reply to Good Spirits

Pick up a bottle of lime juice and make sure you have garlic, onion and cilantro on hand. FABULOUS marinade! I let it sit overnight and then fry with red and yellow pepper and vidalia onion. Oh- add a light oil to that marinade- about a third of the lime juice used. So 1 C lime equalls 1/3 C oil.

Let me know how they turn out...

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light oil

by jdclyde In reply to If you try the venison fa ...

vegetable? corn? olive? peanut?

What KIND of oil do you use for this? I have been using the olive for just about everything but stirfry, and peanut for that.

vegetable if I am doing a cake or something.

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I am afraid to say this here but...

by Tig2 In reply to light oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

I am SO going to hear about this...

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Hey that is the best kind

by j.lupo In reply to I am afraid to say this h ...

I won't go in the other direction with your choice. But I use EVOO for just about all my cooking. Just seems to make sense and it does taste good. I am learning to make my own salad dressings now with it.

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Is it dinner time yet?

by WingedMonkey In reply to If you try the venison fa ...

Okay Tig,
Between you and JD, I am now obsessed with getting home and getting dinner cooking. Sad that I don't have any Venison available, but if I'm lucky the SafeWay will have a London Broil cheap.
The Vidalia onion nailed it. I love a good Vidalia, I can be happy chunking one up and eating it raw.

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Try a Walla Walla Sweet

by Tig2 In reply to Is it dinner time yet?

You can eat them like an apple but they carmelise SO well!

Vidalias are the greatest onion for ANY savoury dish!!! Walla Wallas are good for savoury-sweet dishes- LOVE them for a good meatloaf and on a burger. Also with a good Filet Mignon- grilled and brushed with tasy oil. Olive is good and so is Sesame.

Oh- sautee in almond or sesame oil and use them in carrot cake. WONDERFUL!!!

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Hey no fair

by j.lupo In reply to Try a Walla Walla Sweet

I am reading this in the am and now I am getting hungry. I am going to do something with chicken tonight, guess I have to pick up some Vidalias, though I have a dressing made from them so I might use that as the marindade.

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Really REALLY no fair!

by vanessaj In reply to Hey no fair

I just got this and it's the first thing in the morning!!! I have to wait all day! Oh, the humanity!

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dinner will be waiting for me

by jdclyde In reply to Really REALLY no fair!

Just got off the phone with thing one, and he wants to have dinner ready when I get home so we will have time to get in a round of golf!

I made extra chicken last night (we made chicken wraps) so that the meat would be good to go for dinner tonight.

Rice, chicken, cheese, broccoli. mmmmmmmm. no mix, no powder, just a block of cheese!

This will be his biggest dinner yet, and he will be flying solo. He is real excited!

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