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    Display of “All Programs” in XP PRO


    by jeanloui ·

    Is there a way of displaying “All Programs” in a single scrolling up and down column instead of the three column display that I have right now?
    I know it was possible in WIN 2000 PRO but the same routine doesn’t work in XP PRO.

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      use Classic View

      by deadly ernest ·

      In reply to Display of “All Programs” in XP PRO

      One of the options in Win XP is to set it up to look like the classic Win 98/Win 2000 display. Mine is set up to look exactly like Win98 and the start menu does exactly that.

      Go to Start >> Settings >> Taskbar and Start Menu >> Start Menu tab andthen activate the radio button ‘Classic Start menu’

      Can also be reached via the Control Panel >> Taskbar and Start Menu

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      Change Start menu properties

      by malcolm r ·

      In reply to Display of “All Programs” in XP PRO

      Right-click Start button and choose Properties.
      Click Customize button.
      Choose Advanced tab.
      Scroll down Start Menu Items list almost to the botton and check the Scroll Programs box.

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