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District 9: The worse movie ever

By Birth1979 ·
I believe that if you visited the city that this movies took place you would be appalled at they way they represented the people of Alexandria (the Birth place of Nelson Mandela) and the negative race undertones found in this movie is beyond me. Know I know how they view the people that are just trying to survive in a place that the government believe is a livable environment. Do you know that the people have to actually pay rent to the government to live in those shacks. If you have more than one room, even if you divided it up to make more than one room you have to pay per room I believe is is 50 rands. I am disgusted at this movie and troubled at how our world still view the poor black community. Never mind that the land has been inherited by europeans and other people that are not African by blood. I hate segregation and it still continue to plague the people of South Africa.

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