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Diving for the exit

By markvallaster ·
The thing that always seems most dangerous and stupid to me is those folks on a multilane highway who are out of position as their exit apporaches and dive across 3 or 4 lanes of traffic to make their exit. One day on my way to work on the DC Beltway, a lady in a mini-van was in this position since traffic was too thick for her to slide across three lanes of traffic her choice was not to go onto the next exit stop in the third lane to wait for an opening. For those of you who commute on the DC Beltway, you know how life threatening this would be.

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Some are real hazards

by mjd420nova In reply to Diving for the exit

Then there's the idiot who drives right to the end of the on-ramp and stops, wating for traffic to clear and then zooms all the way to the left lane. Seems none of the states drivers manual teachs the difference between YEILD and MERGE. Just when you think they'd figure it out, they zoom out of the yeild lane and you have to panic stop to keep from hitting them. I'd like to have a siren to scare the crap out of them. I honked at one idiot and he flipped me off, when I got along side of him, I asked him if that was his age or IQ. I would have added SAT score but he obviosly wouldn't know what that was.

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dumb ticket

by markvallaster In reply to Some are real hazards

I've always thought that a cop should have the ability to give someone a ticket for doing something dumb. there's lots of driving I see out there that while technically legal -- is just dumb and unsafe.

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Dumb Ticket

by cobrakai_87 In reply to dumb ticket

They can and I've seen it done (I was the passenger). It's called reckless driving. It's one of the reasons that when I get onto the highway, I'm already doing 10 over the speed limit so I can pick my place to merge.

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no no no

by jdclyde In reply to Dumb Ticket

your suppose to come to a stop at the end of the ramp and wait for a completely clear lane to start to pull into.

I drive at least two hours a day, and you would not believe how many times I will see that! X-(

Like they say, never a cop around when you need one! Now let ME do one little thing even questionable......

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That won't work in my reality

by croeiii In reply to no no no

If traffic is moving at 60 mph and I have to merge with traffic from a dead stop and my vehicle accelerates from 0-60 in 10 seconds, I would have to wait for a gap in traffic about 530 ft. long. Not going to happen where I'm at during rush hour. I'll speed up and pick my gap.

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by jdclyde In reply to That won't work in my rea ...

I was making fun of the people I see doing that, not saying I REALLY do that or recommend anyone else do it, EVER.

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by croeiii In reply to dude....

I wasn't bagging on you personally, just anyone who thinks they have to stop on an entrance ramp instead of merging with traffic. I've looked over my shoulder to check traffic only to turn back around and see that the person in front of me has come to a complete stop when they could have gotten on. Probably would have been my fault if I had hit em too.

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That makes me

by maecuff In reply to no no no

nuts. My mother does that. I try to tell her that driving is not for the timid..

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by croeiii In reply to That makes me

Re-did the's actually closer to 900 ft. It's Sat. morning what can I say.

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Parabolic Hyperbole

by Prozacius In reply to no no no

It happens all the time - too many folks playing "Frogger," I guess. I'm sure many will miss the intended humor in a number of these posts - they usually don't look for it, for some reason, or they don't recognize the "tone of voice" in the printed word.

"Parabolic" is used here to describe the arc taken by the car stopped at the end of the on-ramp when it is struck by the overtaking vehicle (whether traveling on the highway or coming up the ramp behind them.

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