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Do blogs help or harm your career?

By Beth Blakely ·


What can you gain from being a Linux enthusiast? For APOTHEON, it's
four job offers! He chronicled his recent rash of job opportunities in
his blog, ITLOG: BITS AND BLOGS. Congratulations, apotheon!

It's interesting that he's posting about the many job offers he's
received because he was the first to post on TechRepublic about how
blogs can have an impact on your career.

"It's a dangerous thing to run a blog about one's IT career," he wrote.
"It's the technically proficient who are most likely to read a website
like this, and who are most likely to read a tech-related blog, and
it's the technically proficient on whom I'm most likely to want to make
a good impression as my career advances. Blogs are a good way to make
bad impressions on people you've never even met."

While he hasn't told us if his blog had anything at all to do with his
bolstered career--and, so, I suspect it didn't--the fact that he's a
sought-after IT professional in his area is "out there" now. That can't
do any harm, right? Or wrong? Join the discussion below and tell us, are
blogs good or bad for your career?

Miss an issue? You can view the Blog Roundup archive here.



And speaking of APOTHEON, part two of his "Understanding OSes" series
is now available. "Understanding OSes: Kernel Modularity," is the
follow-up to "Understanding OSes: Booting."

* "Understanding OSes: Kernel Modularity"

* "Understanding OSes: Booting"

JMGARVIN gives the details for sharing directories and files (as you do
in Windows) in Linux in his post, "Setting up NFS." He's promised to
share the details of setting up a Samba share in Webmin, soon, so stay

* "Setting up NFS"**7&messageID=1808188&id=4093177


HUTCH has had a very bad experience with an "online repository of tech
jobs for the freelance technology professional." Find out what happened
in his post, "Expose: and Deception Find Work."

In "Data Data everywhere," PETER SPANDE comments on London's abundance
of security cameras and the role they will play in the city's bombing
investigation. He predicts their use will precipitate an increased
interest in the market for digital surveillance systems and, perhaps,
software that can isolate suspicious activity.



We'd like to spotlight--and extend a warm welcome to--a new TechRepublic
member GEOTUBE. A systems programmer/developer type from parts unknown,
he's jumped right into the TR community in the last month. He has he
filled out his profile (to some degree) and participated in a

More importantly, GeoTube is blogging about the development of his
software, Computer Cleaner, a small program that cleans out logs,
superfluous Windows files, and malicious programs. Good job, GeoTube!
Keep us posted.



If you're planning to attend the 7th Annual O'Reilly Open Source
Convention (OSCON) in Portland, Oregon from August 1-5, blog about it!
Use the tag "OSCON 2005" so your posts can be easily found by other


* OSCON 2005 tag results

This year, the conference leaders plan to explore "three deep trends
affecting open source: the commoditization of software, network-enabled
collaboration, and software customizability."



JCK has been brewing beer and says it "has been a highlight in recent
life." He even got kudos from a professional, the brew master at Mr.
Beer! That's pretty cool!

* JCK brewing beer

* Mr. Beer

How long has it been since you caught sight of a TRS-80 Model 4? Do you
even know what that is? Well, TPG editor JOHN SHEESLEY does. Find out
where he spotted one, in all its elegant glory.**24&id=2252949

JAQUI has discovered a great new snack that's earth friendly and sure
to please... someone?

Finally, for those glass-half-empty folks, WOORAN'S WEB WORLD
DEVELOPMENT RESOURCES provides a link to a fascinating site dedicated
to end-of-world scenarios. Enjoy!



Have you used your blog to showcase your skills? Would you provide your
blog URL as a resource for a potential boss to evaluate your skills and
experience? Join this discussion and tell us, are blogs good or bad for your career?

If you've got suggestions or comments about the Blog Roundup, send me
an e-mail. (Please use "Blog Roundup" in the subject line.) If you're recommending
a blog for the next newsletter, please include a link to the member's
blog and a sentence or two about why you found it helpful.

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it depends

by Jaqui In reply to Do blogs help or harm you ...

on what you blog about, and if it's your career or employer, what you say can easily be cause for dismissal.

if you were to excplicit in your blog while being negative about your employer you would likely find yourself looking for a new employer.

that same explicitness in a positive manner would likely cause an improvement in how your employer views and treats you.

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by The Admiral In reply to Do blogs help or harm you ...

Interesting question, since most of those who have blogged have been fired.

So the answer would be not likely.

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Most of those?

by Beth Blakely In reply to

There have been quite a few publicized cases of bloggers who've been fired, but I think saying "most of those" is quite a bit of an overstatement. Unless I'm missing something...? Are you speaking about your company specifically? Or a specific set of bloggers?

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by apotheon In reply to

I find your characterization of the state of the relationship between blogs and careers to be unrealistic. The use of the term "most" is certainly based on an assessment of the rate of firings among highly-publicized instances where the media has taken note of a blogger's career state, which of course is going to focus on negative examples.

In general, however, it takes a circumspect, respectful, and carefully reserved approach to bloggings in relation to one's career to avoid a great many pitfalls. As I've tried to convey in one of the blog posts linked in this "blog roundup", blogging can certainly be quite dangerous to one's career, as giving away too much in too unstructured a manner is more likely to work against you than for you when jobhunting. On the other hand, if you're generally a discreet and ethical individual, particularly as relates to your use of your blog, it can also work in your favor. This is especially true if you're interested in a job that suits you, rather than simply one that includes the necessary paycheck.

I'm kind of a special case, at this point. Googlestalking me turns up an absurd number of references, and a lot can be gleaned about my views on a fair number of controversial subjects as a result. I've never been shy with my opinions, and of course it's entirely possible that this may not sit well with some potential employers. I'm confident, however, that a possible employer who is sufficiently diligent will discover that, whatever my personal views, my dedication to performing the required tasks for any job I take on shows integrity and respectful discretion.

Ultimately, it's only those employers whose employ I'd want to leave in short order that might be "turned off" by what's available about me, in blogs and elsewhere on the web, I think. That works for me.

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Personal Blog

by BFilmFan In reply to Do blogs help or harm you ...

My blog concerns my love and commentary on B Films and has absolutely no mention of anything occurring in my personal or professional life.

Thus. it has no impact at all.

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And you aren't reblogging because...?

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Personal Blog

DUde, you can import this blog right into your TR profile and then we can all debate horror movies together. Don't deny us this off-topic delight any longer!

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Blogging could help

by jmgarvin In reply to Do blogs help or harm you ...

I like to blog because I like to teach. However, I do sometimes go a little off the deep end (as with my London Bombing I was ANGRY!)

Typically, I think blogging isn't harmful as long as you keep it professional and keep your employer out of it (unless you plan to show them in a good light).

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by apotheon In reply to Blogging could help

You've done a fine job of more succinctly stating what I would tend to take paragraphs to explain. I agree 100%. If you're going to discuss your profession, be professional.

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