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Do I Need an IT Degree or at least a Certificate?

By snoland ·
Everything I know about the Web development/IT world I've learned through reading the latest IT books, reading forums like these, and in the workforce. I actually have a journalism degree ... a master's too. But I started in the Web business around 10 years ago not long after graduating from grad school and I became passionate about it. I'm mainly a hands-on gal, but lately my role has been more strategic. My question is: Should I get that IT certificate, say at O'Reilly, to be taken seriously in the IT world? Honestly, I've worked my way up to Chief Technology Officer mainly through hard work, self-study, and a few bumps along the way. I find myself reading new books constantly to keep current, but I worry that without that IT degree, if I ever leave my place of work, I won't be taken seriously. What do you think?

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Well I look at it this way

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Do I Need an IT Degree or ...

I've no degree and no certs and muddle my way through with 22 years in the job and 32 in the tech.

Most potential employers assume I've missed it off my resume to give me room for more important things like what I can and have done as opposed to may be could.

Believe in yourself, others will join you.....

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The truth is .... it depends

by DadsPad In reply to Do I Need an IT Degree or ...

Some IT departments care more about experience that degree/certifications prefering experience, though certifications can help. Others insist that to even be considered, you have a degree, experience and certifications (government positions come to mind).

Like has been said, have a very well written resume, emphasizing your experience, and have confidence in what you can do. Any technical department will see quickly if experience is BS.

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