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Do other countries have hyphenated citizens?

By jdclyde ·
I have been seeing this for a long time now, and it always amazes me the things people will do or say to separate themselves from the whole.

Here in the US, we have African-American, Chinese-American, Irish-American, German-American, Armenian-American and Japanese-American and a many more I am sure. I was surprised to find a wiki page dealing with this as well, almost as if they knew I was going to make this post.

As this is a global community, does anyone see this anywhere else, or is it unique to the US?

I have my own ideas on this, but will refrain for a bit so as not to lead the discussion.

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Yes we do

by JamesRL In reply to Do other countries have h ...

In fact I would argue that we have had hyphenated longer than US. We have had French Canadian and English Canadian since before the country was formed (before confederation, upper canada=english ontario, lower canada=french quebec).

A difficult usage here is a word to describe people whose ancestors are from africa. Black was common, then there was a movement to African American, or Afro Canadian. And while some are descended from american slaves, many more came to Canada from the Caribean, from other Commonwealth countries, and they resent the "american" lablel. So some call themsleves Black, some african Canadian, some african american.

One of our Prime Ministers in the 50s was noted to be solidly against the idea of hypehnated Canadians. But since then its been gradually accepted.

I'm sure there must be similarities in the UK, as they had quite an influx from former colonies.


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Same here

by gadgetgirl In reply to Yes we do

we've had hyphenated citizens for a long time.... including British/Irish....., so it's really world wide. Ethnicity is seen to be promoted through this - you're promoting ALL parts of your genetic make up.

Having said that, it would appear these days in this country, that "English" is now in the minority.

Strictly, I suppose I should denote myself as Scottish/English......but I'll stick to Geordie, thanks!

For a minute, there, when I read hyphenated citizens, I thought you were going to discuss the latest "thing" about women keeping their own surname, and adding their husbands name onto the end.....

Let me tell you it makes for a real mouthful at times, and some kids don't deserve what they get..... Ma ended up with a forename, middle name (which was a surname anyway, family tradition) and a double barrelled surname (ok, the last was Smith, that's why they went double barrelled in the first place) but she still says she was four years old before she could say her own name properly!


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<b>the way guys read your posts</b>

by jdclyde In reply to Same here

we've had .... citizens ... long time.... so it's really ........ is seen to be promoted through this - you're promoting ALL parts of your geneticS .......

Strictly, I suppose I should denote myself.....but I'll stick .....For a minute, there.

when I citizens, I thought you were going to .... the latest "thing" about women keeping their own ..... and adding their husband....onto the end.....

Let me tell you it makes for a real mouthful at times.

tradition and a double barrelled .....that's why they went double barrelled in the first place.

]:) :0

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its funny because..

by Shellbot In reply to <b>the way guys read your ...

its true :)

If you were here right now i'd smack ya for that though, because i just know you had a very very smug, self appreciating look on your face when you typed that one!

off topic..
Levi (see my avatar) has starting bringing home presents..god bless him..we've had enough mice this week to make a decent dinner of, if we were so inclined ]:)

Except for the one i found in the flower bed..mmmmmmmmm maggots..
god..that was so gross!!!!

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by ProtiusX In reply to Do other countries have h ...

I think the whole hyphen thing is load of bunk. Why is it that people can not redily identify with their national heritage rather than their ethnic heritage.
What is the deal with the NAACP? Racist? Yes it is.
How about the United Negro College Fund? Racist? Yup you bet - completely!
How about the "Miss Black America Pageant"? Racist? Totally!
Why is it that we shout so loudly against racial discrimination and yet we turn a blind eye to these racist organizations? If you ever have a question whether an organization is racist just ask yourself is it based upon race? I mean put the shoe on the other foot - What if there were a "Miss White America" pageant or "The United White people College Fund"? Ridiculous you say? I agree.

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There will be a vote in Michigan next month

by jdclyde In reply to Racism

on if we should allow discrimination for any government jobs under the guise of "affimative action".

It is called a civil rights act, and there has been some contention as many in this country have come to think that "civil rights" only means for blacks and minorities.

The opponents to this bill have done everything they could to keep it off the ballot, from contesting the excess of signitures to asking the courts to remove it.

It is still on the ballot. Every effort to keep this from going in front of the population of Michigan has failed, and it is going to be very interesting on how this vote will go. Being a mid-term election, voter turnout is usually pretty sad in Michigan, but I am betting between voting for the governor and this, turnout will be higher than normal.

And yes, if you had the NAAWP, you would be seen as a hateful biggot. I don't know why if your not white, it becomes acceptable.

As for the hyphenated population, it is a joke meant to devide the country rather than bring it together.

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by ProtiusX In reply to There will be a vote in M ...

This state has consistently been on the forefront of race equality for a long time now. There was an article in the news a few years back where some students at Michigan State held a mock back sale where the prices of the items were scaled on race. Items were more expensive for white people and less expensive for Asians and black people. People freaked out and it made a big stink. The students were attempting to point out the flaws of race based admittance standards and I think they got their point across. There was another story of a white student from a college in Texas who as a lark started the white middle class kids college fund and actually had people donate money to it. His lark was an attempt to show the hypocrisy and racism of the NAACP and the United Negro College Fund. I think he got his point across too.

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About time

by RFink In reply to There will be a vote in M ...

State sponsored racism and distrimination has gone on long enough. Given that Michignn is turning into a Democratic wasteland, I expect the proposal to fail.

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I think you are going to be surprised rfink

by jdclyde In reply to About time

Remember the homosexual marrage got shot down in flames and it wasn't even close.

The NAACP and other groups associated with them are madly doing anything they can to get this removed off of the ballot. They are running scared, and with good reason.

We in Michigan have the highest unemployement in the country and the worst economy. (Thanks Granholm!) It is one thing to be a dumb bleeding heart when times are good, but when EVERYONE is having a hard time, it becomes more of an "everyone out for themselves". Are you likely to give someone special treatment based on the color of their skin if you need a job yourself? Not likely.

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I hope you're right.

by RFink In reply to I think you are going to ...

What the government fails to realize is that when give one group a preference you are by definition decriminating against the other groups. I agree with you. The only good Democrat is an unelected one.

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