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Do tech questions belong in blogs?

By Beth Blakely ·


I've noticed a lot of members posting technical problems in blogs. For
example, FEMIOLADIPO has re-installed Windows XP and can no longer open
a private folder. How do you TechRepublic members feel about that?
HUTCHTECH doesn't seem to mind it. He posted a response to RREGMI when
he asked about an Exchange error.


* HUTCHTECH's comment

As we try to figure out how to improve our Technical Q & A, I'd love to
hear your opinions on this. Many members have said that they don't
believe that technical questions belong in the discussion area; that it
should be reserved for discussing more general issues. Does that same
logic apply to blogs? Why? Join this discussion and tell us, do
technical questions belong in blogs?

* Improve our Technical Q & A

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BEARYANN has blogged about "Making a Photo DVD even easier."

TechRepublic's MARK KAELIN wants to know whether you're interested in
the "30 new free SharePoint applications." Also, find out why he thinks
George Bush should have a blog.

* "30 new free SharePoint applications"**0&messageID=1823326&id=3268665

* George Bush should have a blog**0&messageID=1827809&id=3268665

HUTCHTECH took a trip through the looking glass and caught a glimpse of
Microsoft's Linux Lab and a world where Mac Hacks Allow OS X on PCs.

* Microsoft's Linux Lab

* Mac Hacks Allow OS X on PCs

TR's JASON HINER joins in the fun with a post titled, "Apple hasn't
even released Intel-based Macs and there's already a PC hack."**40&id=3053951

TR contributor ROB BOGUE is looking for beta testers to help him fine
tune the coding to display a random item from a SharePoint list.

GFORCE44 has started a blog that may be of interest to many TR members:
FINDING A JOB IN IT AT 50. Good luck, gforce44. Keep us posted on your

Find out what tack Webmaster BLOOMED will take to get around a sticky
political situation in his post titled, "Access and installs and
progress oh my!"**39&id=4084943

MATTHEW MORAN has uncovered the answer to an important question. Find
out "Why innovation seldom happens in IT."

PETER SPANDE has buyer's remorse over his Treo 650. Find out what
product brought on this illness in his post, "I should have waited..."

Working in government? RAMON PADILLA wants you to know how to "Get your
share of the free money."

TR's REX BALDAZO likes to ask questions. This week, he asks, is
"Microsoft aiming to embrace-and-extend AJAX to death?" and "Do you
need a CIO or CTO?"

* "Microsoft aiming to embrace-and-extend AJAX to death?"

* "Do you need a CIO or CTO?"

If you're using Visual Foxpro, check out THE SPS WEBLOG by CRAIG. He's
pointed out some podcasts, undocumented SYS() functions, and many
informative sources of information.



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How real do you like your science fiction? THE TRIVIA GEEK points out
how the "Real estate bubble leads to sci-fi civic planning." And, if
you noticed he was unusually quiet last week, you can find
about the geek fest that drew his attention away for a bit.

* "Real estate bubble leads to sci-fi civic planning"

* Geek Fest

JEFF'S IT CORNER is open for business. The first order of business:
Complaining about people who don't do their jobs.

Find out where JDCLYDE's going on his next trip. Here's a hint: He
might need a barrel.


Some members believe that technical questions belong in TechRepublic's
Technical Q & A and not in the Discussions, but what about blogs? Join
this discussion and tell us, should technical questions be posted in

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why you found it helpful.

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Free food and drinks?

by BFilmFan In reply to Do tech questions belong ...

Look everyone! Beth is promising to cook and give us alcohol!

I'm there!

Hey Morty! Beth's got booze! I got a TR Mug!

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Totally innocent

by Beth Blakely In reply to Free food and drinks?

I am totally innocent of these charges! (BFilm, Smorty is my BOSS now, man. Shhh!) ;-) Now, if someone wants to throw a TR party, I'm there. We'll all use our mugs.

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Hmmmph (again!)

by gadgetgirl In reply to Totally innocent


and this party will be in the US, and I'm in the UK. People will have lotsa party food, and I won't be able to eat it. You lot will all have TR mugs and I don't.

Oh, hang on a mo'. Somebody mentioned alcohol....



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Blogs, Schmogs

by HutchTech In reply to Do tech questions belong ...

Many people are still so new to the whole Blog idea that I don't
think asking questions can be stopped. A blog is still what you
make of it. Some use it as a diary; other's rant about old
girlfriends; some just post pictures for the family. To each his

I have to admit that until the recent changes on the TR Blog
homepage, I was getting a bit tired of the Random blog post
being some variant of "Hey, I started a blog, let's see what
happens." I'll also admit that the first post on my blog was very
similar, but that doesn't make it interesting.

Since no one is forcing you to respond to a particular blogger's
question, you can always ignore it, but I can imagine that having
one central place to rant, rave, write, respond and, sometimes,
inquire, might not be a bad idea.

- HutchTech

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Tech Questions in Blogs...

by Black Panther In reply to Do tech questions belong ...

I don't see a problem but why not ask where more people will notice it ie in Tech Q&A. :)

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