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Do TechRepublic discussions bring the worst of IT out into the open?

By f-3798295 ·
Seriously, there are some pretty ridiculous, demeaning and non-technical threads commanding an awful lot of attention in the TechRepublic discussion community. Are these threads indicative of those who don't have any real work to accomplish? Seems TechRepublic is going the way of ZDNET...

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Don't think so

by gadgetgirl In reply to Do TechRepublic discussio ...

I, for one, treat the miscy section as a bit of fun and a sound off. Whilst I keep an eye on other parts of the site, I do learn a lot from the "oddball" topics that seem to land here.

Apart from the obvious flame-igniting ones, which are just posted to stir up the gang in the first place.

As for real work - I'm usually only on the board intermittently, and part of my real work involves research, for which this site can be a real Godsend. Unusually, for over a week now, the users (and the entire IT dept) have been unable to get on with much "real work" due to hardware failure, software corruption and now back up recovery problems which compounded a seemingly simple BSOD problem on a server.

I think you'll find that most of the other, more technical/career/hardware/software discussions are more informative than the miscy section.....but surely this section was named miscellaneous so we could post virtually anything here? Or is there another definition somewhere of miscellaneous?

Sorry, but I've taken umbrage to this - I assume you yourself take a few minutes out of each day for a bit of respite? A breather? A break? A wind-down? Hot drink? Food?

Well, this particular section is my cup of coffee, break, lunch, mood lightener, call it what you will. And I enjoy it.



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Glad to hear that my question doesn't apply to you.

by f-3798295 In reply to Don't think so

And I imagine that it probably doesn't apply to most posters. I wasn't referring to people taking a break here and there. Sorry if you feel insulted by something that you say doesn't describe you.

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by jdclyde In reply to Glad to hear that my ques ...

backhanded apology?

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by maecuff In reply to Glad to hear that my ques ...

GG only replied to your post, don't get your panties in a bunch..

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I agree

by master3bs In reply to Don't think so

I come to techrepublic when I am
A) researching
B) doing work that requires a lot of time but not much input (such as installing an OS)
C) on break or not at work

I also consider time spent here a good tool for work; especially time at the Q/A section.

I learn a lot that helps me later reading people's answers. I've learned a lot finding information to help other people with their questions. And eventually when I have questions of my own (all you Linux guru's; check the Linux/Admin section for an unanswered quetion please) my accepted answers help me on the job as well.

Techrepublic is a tool first and a fun community to help pass the time second. As long as our work gets done; I don't see a problem.

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I'd quite like your definition of "demeaning"

by neilb@uk In reply to Do TechRepublic discussio ...

just to set the ground rules. Perhaps with an example.

By the way, this is an international forum. So, what time is it in Oz? London? Am I posting when I should be working? Well, I'm in IT so pretty often I'm working when I should be doing anything else and I don't get any extra for it. So if I choose to make the odd flippant post between 9 and 5 UK time then it is surely a matter for my own conscience first and for my boss second and I know that he doesn't mind because he judges on results.


p.s FYI, its 16:56 so I'm stealing five minutes of the company time but as I'm staying late to do some disk reorganisation, I forgive me. Even if you don't.

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Do you feel guilty or something?

by f-3798295 In reply to I'd quite like your defin ...

Who said I was referring to you?

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Not in the slightest

by neilb@uk In reply to Do you feel guilty or som ...

Just like to know where people are coming from and let them know where I stand.

Simple, really.

I post irregularly but often in TR Misc and have done for a year and I do like to know the motivation of new posters, especially when they come out shooting from the mouth.

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just beginning to read through this thread

by Absolutely In reply to Do you feel guilty or som ...

And the aptly-named Special Ed has tried the same stupid trick in his second and third posts.

"Who said I was referring to you?"

"Sorry if you feel insulted by something that you say doesn't describe you."

But SE, you accused US ALL of slacking: "Are these threads indicative of those who don't have any real work to accomplish?"

No, I don't feel guilty and I doubt that any other person here has cause to feel guilty for their posts, except you, jardinier, MrMiami, Black Panther (aka jardinier) TheChas & ippirate, but for public exposure of their stupidity, not taking a few minutes to assemble a word bomb. I can put together eight of these in my legally-mandated morning break & seven more in the afternoon (I tend to be more tired then).

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If you knew Neil...

by Jessie In reply to Do you feel guilty or som ...

you'd know he doesn't give a flyin' rat's *** about anything any of the rest of us say or do, except when it entertains or enlightens him. I happen to like Neil and appreciate his intellect and humour. You could learn a lot from him, and many of the other posters here in the misc section.

What's up YOUR craw "Special" Ed that you have to insinuate something is wrong with anyone who takes the time to read and respond on the thread you started?

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