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    Do you buy what you like or


    by zlitocook ·

    Do you make a wish list? My wife says I buy every thing I like or need so she has a hard time buying for me. I have a wish list on Amazon and Ebay but well if I need it I buy it.
    So I put movies, packs of CD’s/DVD’s and other things like SD cards there.
    When family and friends ask what you want; how do reply to them? I never say what ever you get will be fine because I have trashed more ties, stupid games and candy because I ether hate it or it is not on my list.
    What is the best gift and the worst gift you have received?
    And do you keep it or recycle it, give it to another person?

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      Make a wish list

      by nicknielsen ·

      In reply to Do you buy what you like or

      Until the bills get paid, wishes are all I’ve got, at least for the big things. Smaller things like the occasional CD or movie get bought.

      The best gift I ever received was for my 45th birthday: a combination of the Rocky Horror Picture Show box set and the Derek & the Dominoes Layla special edition. Over 4 hours of the best visual and audible entertainment around. Still break each one out about once a month.

      I don’t remember the worst gift I ever got. I gave it away and promptly fogot about it.

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      My partner does that to me

      by tig2 ·

      In reply to Do you buy what you like or

      He goes out and buys the toys he wants so at Christmas and his birthday (VERY close to Christmas, BTW) I am completely lost.

      Father’s Day this year was a complete fluke- I happened to know that he was having GPS envy. Ours is about the size of a cell phone and a couple of people on my 3 Day team had a type that could be strapped to the wrist. When we went out to the Garmin site, I found one that actually looks like a wrist watch with all the functionality he wanted. Timing was perfect on that gift but I don’t always get so lucky.

      I am trying to get him to wish list stuff but so far, no luck. Sigh.

      I haven’t received the best gift- they are all the best. Things that I can’t use are usually re-gifted. If I can’t use it, someone else can.

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      Hey Zllito!

      by tig2 ·

      In reply to Do you buy what you like or

      Cool discussion but you got bit by the double post monster. What other discussion can we have in place of the second post?

      And which one is the duplicate??? You are the Post God- you get to choose. What fun!

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