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    Do you buy what you like or


    by zlitocook ·

    Do you make a wish list? My wife says I buy every thing I like or need so she has a hard time buying for me. I have a wish list on Amazon and Ebay but well if I need it I buy it.
    So I put movies, packs of CD’s/DVD’s and other things like SD cards there.
    When family and friends ask what you want; how do reply to them? I never say what ever you get will be fine because I have trashed more ties, stupid games and candy because I ether hate it or it is not on my list.
    What is the best gift and the worst gift you have received?
    And do you keep it or recycle it, give it to another person?

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      Some people are harder to buy for than others

      by jdclyde ·

      In reply to Do you buy what you like or

      My ex-father-in-law was very hard to buy for. Working at GM for three decades and taking all the overtime he can get, if there is ANYTHING he wants, he runs out at gets it. For him, I would just give a gift certificate/card to get a nice dinner for him and his wife.

      Other people are hard to buy for because they don’t really share with other people what they are interested in.

      Not really sure about the best/worst gifts as I generally don’t pay a lot of attention what I am getting, but the funniest thing in a long time was when my Mother gave me a coffee grinder for Christmas one year. She also gave me a bag of coffee to go with it, but she grabbed the wrong one and it was already ground, instead of the beans. I accused her of teasing me! 😀

      If I get something that I don’t care for, I still thank the person very much for the thought and effort, then either return it or give it to someone that can you the item. I would never throw it away.

      It is also hard for me to tell people what I want, because most things I am interested in are more expensive than I want people spending money on. Restarting my house, so kitchen items are always good and so are cloths.

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        by tig2 ·

        In reply to Some people are harder to buy for than others

        This discussion double posted. Which one is the right one???

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          Hey Tig

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to PSSSSST!

          sounds like you sprung a leak! :0

          And if Mae is here, is should be obvious which is the real discussion! B-)

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          Now JD

          by tig2 ·

          In reply to Hey Tig

          What if everyone goes to the other discussion without me? I am aging and senile- you can’t expect me to notice the little things! 🙂

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          But you forget Tig

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Now JD

          that the center of the universe is HERE. What would possibly make people go anywhere else? 😀

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          by tig2 ·

          In reply to But you forget Tig

          Movement on the part of the centre of the universe?

          At least one would think so….

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          But what if the center of the universe

          by nicknielsen ·

          In reply to But you forget Tig

          was the double…and it is. 🙂

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        I’m easy to buy for..

        by maecuff ·

        In reply to Some people are harder to buy for than others

        If it’s shiny or sparkly, I’ll like it..

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          That is what we like

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to I’m easy to buy for..

          A woman that we can easily distract with shiny beads! 😀

          “I need you to do the dishes and then take the trash ou… oh, thats pretty!” (quickly runs into other room before she realizes the dishes and trash are still there….. )

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          I would suspect

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to That is what we like

          That Mae, like most women, can assay the item in question and come up with the price without even opening the box!

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          so my plan

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to I would suspect

          of heading to the craft store and buying shiny beads and string to make necklaces won’t fly? :0

          That and some chrome colo(u)red paint and I figured I would be set for life! 😀

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          Shiny chrome and buttons

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to so my plan

          is surely only good for attaracting fellas!

          Oooops! Sorry about reminding everyone. It had all gone quiet…


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          Sorry JD

          by tig2 ·

          In reply to so my plan

          That simply won’t fly. We can tell the difference between a CZ and a diamond at 20 paces.

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          by maecuff ·

          In reply to Sorry JD

          I’d take the CZ if it looked real. Shiny beads from a craft store? I don’t think so..

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          I’m not that easy

          by maecuff ·

          In reply to That is what we like

          I want the present AND the work to be done. And don’t think I don’t do my share..

          Spa services are always welcome. I’d say between shiny, sparkly things and spa services, I’d take the spa.

          Man..this isn’t helping my morning. I just want to leave and go get a pedicure. Or a massage.

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          Did I mention

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to I’m not that easy

          I give great full body massages?

          Watched many a “how-to” tape to learn all the secrets! It is all in the detail work! ]:)

          Pedicure. That would have to be just SLIGHTLY better than being a proctologyst! :0 Smelly feet. EWWWWWW! That and Dentist! Double EWWWWWW!

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          I think it depends

          by maecuff ·

          In reply to Did I mention

          on the feet.

          As far as a massage goes, my husband is very good at it, however, there is always the pay back that goes along with getting a massage.
          I’d just as soon pay my $40 + tip and not ‘owe’ anything else. 🙂

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          I’ll go with

          by maevinn ·

          In reply to I’m not that easy

          for a Pedicure. My current polish job is looking a bit drab as of late!

          Was totally bummed recently–went to a new place, only to discover they don’t have the massaging chairs for pedis…Needless to say, I won’t go back!

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          I may never pedicure again

          by tig2 ·

          In reply to I’ll go with

          My feet are in awful shape but I don’t dare let anyone touch them. Even in off season training, I don’t dare let go of my calluses and if my toes get nipped, I am in trouble.

          Massage is another story. Partner’s mom gave me a gift certificate for an hour at the place she goes. I can’t wait!

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          Massage after excercise

          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to I may never pedicure again

          I used to do the Ride for the Heart charity bike rides in Toronto, and at one point , the big massage school in town set up facilities to give free massage to those who finished.

          Needles to say it was very popular, and well appreciated. For a few minutes I could forget my aches and pains, it was bliss.


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          Getting a pedicure

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to I’ll go with

          Do they at least wash your feet before they begin?

          Never had this done, never saw it done.

          It just seems soo, you know, sooo……

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          JD, you are being a tad squeamish here

          by tig2 ·

          In reply to Getting a pedicure

          They soak your feet to begin.

          Touching a clean foot isn’t icky.

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          Well, no one ever could accuse me

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Getting a pedicure

          of having a foot fetish! :0

          Stuck in damp, dark shoes and socks all day. ONE of the best places on the human body for icky stuff to grow! :p

          Did you know foot experts recommend you have two pairs of daily shoes, and you should rotate them every day because overnight is not enough for them to adaquately dry?

          I LOVE my boot dryer! Not only are my shoes dry, but they are nice and warm too! B-)

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          So much like something you’ve thought about? You’re just imagining

          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to Getting a pedicure

          your tootsies with the bright pink toenail polish aren’t you?

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          by tig2 ·

          In reply to Getting a pedicure

          I have two different pair of athletic shoes that are identical. They have different mileages in them. The whole idea is to rotate them during the walk so that the Day One pair is dry before Day Three.

          The theory is that with dry wicking socks, the moisture should go from the foot to the sock to the shoe where it would dry… ish.

          Don’t MAKE me tell you about Body Glide…

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          During one of my being single phases years ago

          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to Getting a pedicure

          I briefly dated a woman who had a male foot fetish. Odd but what the heck. She got a good look at my gnarly feet and that was “all she wrote”.

          Maybe that’s TMI.

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          Like I said

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Getting a pedicure

          I would NOT want to be messing around with anyone elses feet. Yes, after baths and showers I HAVE given the EX foot massages, but not because it was something I wanted to do! :0 Legs, butt, back, neck, scalp and temples, and of course the mommy parts. But feet just doesn’t do it for me.

          And yes Tig, most people don’t seem to know about that whole dry..ish thing. Having at one time been a long distance runner, I do know. yuck.

          Body Glide? Is that for parts that would rub and chaff otherwise? :0

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’re a ding dong!!

          by maecuff ·

          In reply to Getting a pedicure

          Of COURSE they wash your feet first..

        • #3205541

          And what does that have to do with anything?

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Getting a pedicure

          Like I would know that? Wasn’t that the FIRST thing I asked? :0

          “Don’t ping my cheese with your bandwidth!” 😀

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          Hopeless..I’m telling you..just hopeless..

          by maecuff ·

          In reply to Getting a pedicure

          You’re still a ding dong..

          Just common sense would tell you that they would wash your feet first. I mean, how are they going to do that scrubby thing on dry feet? It would be powdery and disgusting. Soaking your feet FIRST softens up the skin. you need EVERYTHING explained? Ding dong..

        • #3205515

          scrubby thing?

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Getting a pedicure

          You mean they do more than buff and paint your nails? :0

          What the he11 is a [b]”scrubby thing”?[/b] I am afraid to even hear the answer!

        • #3205503

          It’s much more than that..

          by maecuff ·

          In reply to Getting a pedicure

          The scrubby thing either looks like sandpaper or a cheesegrater, depending on the place. It scrubs the dead skin off your heels and anywhere else needed. And if they’re any good at all, you’ll get the skin on your calves exfoliated and a decent foot and calf massage.

        • #3282432

          Not just for girls

          by maevinn ·

          In reply to Getting a pedicure

          A good pedicure is wonderful for anybody–unless you’re fond of your calluses, like TT. I don’t worry about calluses anymore–I’ve finally found shoes that are comfortable enough to wear without needing them, even for running.

          But–a good pedi: soak in a spa bath (warm water, sudsy, bubbles). Scrubby at the ball of your foot and heel. Clean and trim nails and cuticles. Back in the water. Good rinse, pat dry. Lotion and massage up to the calf. Buff nails, and either polish them or just go au naturel.

          Feels wonderful, makes your feet happier. I’ve sat next to as many guys as gals during pedis. Very few men get manicures, but more and more are seeing the light–especially doctors and EMT’s, where a hang nail can rip your glove–potentially exposing you or your patients needlessly.

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      My wife

      by ben “iron” damper ·

      In reply to Do you buy what you like or

      Is always complaining that I’m impossible to shop for as I too purchase pretty much whatever I want most of the time.
      Now my parents are impossible to shop for as they never want nor need anything. But heck I suppose there’s far worse problems!! Haha.

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      Bit of both

      by maevinn ·

      In reply to Do you buy what you like or

      There are somethings that I want and will just buy. My mother and sister are the only people I trust to buy clothes for me–and that’s only because I give them a list of items I want, complete with color, size, and usually when they’ll be on sale. But–I’m 6’1, so buying clothes that fit me isn’t the easiest thing.

      For most other stuff–I maintain a list of things I want and will appreciate in a variety of price ranges. I don’t like getting gifts I don’t want and won’t use, because I’m not good at fake appreciation. I ALWAYS say Thank you and that I appreciate the gesture, but with something horrible, I can’t comment further without revealing that I don’t like it. I usually return, donate, or give away items that I won’t use or don’t like.

      As for the most horrible gift…My EX-MIL gave us a comforter. Green, with large purple grapes all over it. Dreadful thing. She also sent me mu-mu’s–no clue why, as I have never worn a mu-mu nor even hinted that I might take it up as a habit. Oh, and 2-piece jammies, complete with feet. They didn’t even pull up past my thighs…

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      I normally don’t get what I want…

      by jck ·

      In reply to Do you buy what you like or

      given to me.

      I usually have to buy for myself.

      Hence when I buy for someone, I either get them a gift card to a store I know they like…or…I find out what they want…I never guess.

      Can’t tell you the number of things I’ve received I had no use for and just threw in a drawer…and maybe wore once to make the person feel appreciated…and I hate being a fake and pretending to like something…

      I know how you feel, zlito…

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        If you bought what you want…

        by dmambo ·

        In reply to I normally don’t get what I want…

        you’d run the risk of getting busted by the vice squad 😀

        • #3205690

          no I would not…

          by jck ·

          In reply to If you bought what you want…

          I’d get busted by the An Gardai for conspiracy to exercise kidnapping for paying someone to go get me what I want tho… 😀

          (pssst…remember, D…I’m really a softy romantic type… ]:) )

        • #3205686

          Or is that

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to no I would not…

          “closet romantic”?

          “Hopeless romantic”?

          the list goes on…… And for an extra $50, she will pretend to be all of the above! ]:)

          If people are unable to give you a gift you like, you should do one of two things. Let them know EXACTLY what you would like (email is a good way to do this) or tell them to make a donation in your name and save yourself the hassle.

          It is not “fake” to be appreciative of things you don’t like as long as there was some thought that went into it by people that care. You care that they gave you something, not WHAT they gave you.

        • #3205680


          by jck ·

          In reply to Or is that

          jck = selfless romantic…

          jdclyde = self-romantic…

          QED 😉

        • #3205678

          liking vs appreciation

          by jck ·

          In reply to Or is that

          people generally want you to like something as well as appreciate their effort…or they don’t feel appreciated…i.e.- it makes them feel like they’ve done something wrong if you don’t like their gift *and* their effort.

          Anyways…I hate pretending to like things…but, I try to pull off doing it…when called for 🙁

        • #3282622

          To quote Tom Lehrer

          by nicknielsen ·

          In reply to liking vs appreciation

          Just the thing I need.

          😐 How nice 😐

          Edit: speling agin

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          Sorry, I was speaking….

          by dmambo ·

          In reply to no I would not…

          to the Swillster. How did this message get diverted to you??

          (I’ll bet I know who the kidnapee would be! Hope the Irish kidnapping laws are fairly lenient)

        • #3205674

          in all honesty…

          by jck ·

          In reply to Sorry, I was speaking….

          I had a poster as a child:

          “If you love something, set it free.
          If it comes back to you, it is yours.
          If it doesn’t, it never was.”

          I could never think I could make love be there.

          So…I let life just roll along…and be myself…

          Oh…the Swillster???

          He’s busy with spanktervision at night nowadays and is worn out by 3am hehe ]:)

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      They don’t sell it

      by dmambo ·

      In reply to Do you buy what you like or

      If you look at who’s likely to buy me something, then there’s nothing they can purchase that I would want from them.

      If it’s my wife, then I’d rather not be surprised by a gift. I’d like to choose something myself, or better yet, save the money. (Unfortunately, she doesn’t hold this same view.)

      If it’s one of my kids, rather than them buying me something, I’d prefer that they just make an effort not get along with each other and work to get excellent grades in school.

      If it’s one of my siblings or a friend, I’d prefer them to take the time that they would normally spend shopping and bring over a six-pack and visit for dinner or to watch a game.

      The relationships are more important that the material things.

    • #3205681

      No wish list….

      by onbliss ·

      In reply to Do you buy what you like or

      …I just buy what I [b]think[/b] I like/need or my family needs. If my son wants something and his birthday is just around the corner, I ask him to wait. Else, I just get him what he wants. Except for toys he does not ask much. Moreover he is a good boy 🙂 Sometimes I just refuse to buy so that he feels the disappointments when he does not get what he wants. Can’t raise him totally spoilt 🙂

      I hate my wife, because she does not buy what she wants. One of the first things she sees is the price-tag. And she just won’t buy even moderately inexpensive items for her. She might buy things for me or our sons, but not for herself. So I end up buying some stuff for her. If not for her, I might just bought The Moon, if somebody sold it to me. I have heard horror stories about spendthrift spouses. In our case, it is I who have to be watched.

      I would never trash a non-eatable gift. The only gifts we have trashed is the popcorn-candy variety . Sometimes we share popcorn/candy with our friends.

    • #3205573

      As one who has had a half dozen

      by ontheropes ·

      In reply to Do you buy what you like or

      years where I didn’t get anything FROM anyone for Christmas and who knows how many birthdays I can say that if I get anything at all I’m pretty happy.

      Best gift-Something

      Worst gift-nothing

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        People are forgetting themselves here

        by jdclyde ·

        In reply to As one who has had a half dozen

        How materialistic can you be that you can act all worked up over getting a “bad gift”?

        Someone gave a rats a$$ enough about you to give you SOMETHING, dammit! Who cares if it is god awful or the wrong color or style.

        You don’t have to gush all over the gifts, but a heart felt “thanks” for them thinking about you is not asking too much, now is it?

        • #3205540

          I’d say that you just

          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to People are forgetting themselves here

          banged the nail smackdab on the head with the sledgehammer. B-)

        • #3205531

          You make a good point..

          by maecuff ·

          In reply to People are forgetting themselves here

 about this? My ex-husband’s brother and his wife traveled from TX to spend Christmas with us. I had never met them before and wasn’t sure what to get them, so I went to Williams-Sonoma and made up a basket of gourmet food items and appliances. It wasn’t cheap.

          My former brother in law and his wife ran a thrift shop. And while they weren’t wealthy, they didn’t do bad for themselves either. For Christmas they gave my ex-husband some used floppy disks, a 5 subject note book and a slide rule. I got a pair of panty hose that were made a bazillion years ago. There was a cartoon picture of a woman on the front wearing an outfit right out of 1954, you know, heels, pearls, cat-eye glasses. And a bottle of perfume (huge with a screw off lid) that would take paint off the walls.

          Was I gracious? Of course I was, I thanked them very much. The sister in law? She said, “well, you people must think all we do is eat, because all the gifts we got were food.”

          I couldn’t believe it. The next year? I regifted a few things and that was that. There wasn’t anyway in hell I was going to spend another $200 on them.

          They came for three or four times for Christmas. My family always looked forward to hearing about the gifts they brought. Perhaps it wasn’t NICE to make fun of it, but it WAS funny.

        • #3205525

          Now that is a different case Mae entirely

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to You make a good point..

          As they obviously put no thought what-so-ever into your gift.

          They were also rude and self centered to have not been more gracious to getting such a nice gift from you. Maybe they were embarrassed by it, because they had not even tried and didn’t know how to express themselves?

          And of course, some people just never “get it” on WHY they are giving a gift in the first place, and are doing it just because it is expected of them. How sad for them. Next year hit the local dollar store. Of course they will probably just turn around and sell it in their store. :0

          Can’t pick your relatives.

          What I have found to be a nice gift for sending to people that you don’t know what they like is from and recently found on my last road trip. They claim to have better prices than Cherry Republic, but I haven’t had a chance to compare prices yet. That part of Michigan is known for the cherry crops.

          Love the choc covered dried cherries!

          This way they get a nice gift and I don’t have to deal with delivery and postage! (I send myself one too! 😀 )

        • #3205519

          Oh yeah

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Now that is a different case Mae entirely

          The EX’s sisters were alway horrible around Christmas. One would spend a fortune to show how much better she is than everyone else, and the other would go with the dollar store quality of gifts. Neither put much effort into things we would like.

          After a few years, we told them we would only be having the children exchange a single gift, drawn from a hat. I let the EX blame it on me, that I was the bad guy. Getting their kids a gift was almost like them placing an order.

          One year she bought what her son wanted, (powerrangers toss-across)and then wanted me to pay for it and it would be from us. (seriously) Boy was I unpopular when I declined. :0

          The next year, the precious angel of a daughter wanted some specific doll. We couldn’t find it so we got something else. Christmas, we open gifts, and the little girl loves it and is playing with it just fine. Well, the sister-in-law was PISSED that we didn’t get the one she SAID to get, and could have told her if we weren’t going to get it! She stormed off into the next room and started calling around to stores, trying to find that doll. (yes, right then!). I really was unpopular when I explained that Christmas isn’t placing an order for what you want, you give ideas what you like!

          The NEXT year (it never ends….) I had bought the EX a very nice full lenght leather jacket. (this is at her mothers house, because the ex’s parents are divorced).

          At the christmas at her dads the NEXT DAY, guess who showed up with a very expensive, brand new (that day) leather jacket?

          Yeah, I sure miss that family….. friggen NOT! After seeing this, I have NO problem believing your in-laws were like they were! B-) You got off easy!

        • #3282593

          My favorite gift giving story…

          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to Oh yeah

          …since we?re going there, is from when I was married the first time a long a** time ago.

          My pre-ex(?)(can’t bring my self to call her my w*fe) wanted a camera for Christmas but she?d put a spending limit on gifts so I struggled, (paused briefly to think) with whether or not I should buy her the camera I wanted to get for her. This was long before digital cameras. I bought her a solid entry level SLR with a great all around lense, film, batteries, the camera bag, the works.

          Note: We had 5 seperate saving accounts, 30 acres of real estate that was all paid for and monthly bills that totaled about 1 1/2 ? 2 weeks pay. I haven?t always been a broke-a** mofo with a crappy kitchen ceiling. (see below)

          Anyway, she gave me hell for spending so much money. I paid a LOT more for that camera than that camera cost in cash.

          So what ultimately happened? Of course there?s much more… but six months later I was in my own apartment in the process of getting divorced. In the meantime, there was a hot-air balloon festival. My soon to be ex took pictures there that won first place in the festival picture contest at the fair. She also got to know the people at the festival well enough that after the divorce was finalized she moved to California and bought a hot air balloon manufacturing company and I?ve never seen her to talk to her again but for one time after the divorce.

          I did see her and her new man in my church a few times after that, until one Sunday AFTER my Pastor had told me I should find a new church because I had too much sin in my life. :0 I guess it was [b]my[/b] fault that marriage counselor got into her pants.

          I guess sinners shouldn’t go to church huh? No matter that I formerly taught Sunday school to kids, put on demonstrations of “stuff” to the youth group, drove one of the church buses, went on visitation etc., etc.

          (They call that “being churched” BTW)

          Ahhh yes… Memories.

          Life is good.

          TMI? I don’t care.

        • #3282588

          I can relate to a lot of that

          by tig2 ·

          In reply to My favorite gift giving story…

          Obviously your first “spousal unit” left a bit to be desired. It is only the good people that end up getting massacreed like that.

          Ask Mike about his first wife. Have a bottle handy. You’ll both need it.

          Similar story. You both will understand.

          Your former Pastor was a moron. But probably doing her too. You were right, he was wrong. Only God keeps score.

          Go back and look at the pictures. There IS some good in the world.

        • #3282585

          Yep. I figgered that already about Mike and I

          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to My favorite gift giving story…

          I’m intentinally mispaeling so Nick wwon’t worry about it. 😀

          I called him my Pastor but I think of him as “the fat man in the pulpit”. He’s dead now. I’ll let him do any explaining there is to do, if there is any. 😐

        • #3282300

          “Too much sin in my life”

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to My favorite gift giving story…

          Busted, I just [b]love[/b] that bit. being TR’s resident atheist, I don’t know what you’re supposed to say when that sort of thing happens. What [b]did[/b] you say?

          Just being nosy! 😀

        • #3282295

          Come on Neil, you know what I was refering to

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to My favorite gift giving story…

          Not too much for my standards, but based on the standards of the devoute fanatical Muslim.

          did you see the news article a few weeks back about France changing some areas so they are no longer topless? And why would that be? We surely know it was not because of modesty on the part of the french.

          Your more “liberal minded” people are more inclined to follow and allow an “anything goes” with no “moral judgements” being placed on anyone.

          There is also the de-religionizing (is that a word?) of the world. Where do prayer rugs fit in at a public high school? How about in government jobs?

          You know exactly what I mean, mr nosy! :p

        • #3284879

          jd: I was speaking to Busted

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to My favorite gift giving story…

          But feel free to poke [b]your[/b] nose in whenever you want. I was just commenting on Busted’s pastor seemingly blaming Busted for his ex’s yo-yo knickers! Didn’t strike me as a very “Christian” thing to do. (Never miss a chance for a dig, we Servants of Beelzebub) 🙂

          The fact that you’re really well out of it with [b]your[/b] ex’s family is a given!

          How did we get into Muslims?

        • #3284807

          Neil- “too much sin in my life.”

          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to My favorite gift giving story…

          IS exactly what he said too.

          “Step right up and get yer’ sin right here folks! I’ve got too much!”

          I told him that I wondered what the Deacon Board would have to say and he said that if I ever repeated it to anyone he’d deny he ever said it which would’ve discredited me even further.

          That was the “Pastor” of the childhood church that I started going to when I was about 5 years old. Nice guy.

          The marriage counselor who counseled “above and beyond” or “down and dirty” if you prefer was actually the married Pastor of a church in Flint, MI with a [b]large[/b] congregation. He had five children at home.

          When it was found out what he had done he got divorced, lost his church and became a youth counselor for a juvenile home for awhile, lost that job too (?) and hopefully moved someplace where I’ll never see him again. Oh yeah… he was “her new man” at my old church that I wrote of.

          Edited heavily for personal reasons

        • #3284750

          Sorry Neil, Cross-threaded by accident! :0

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to My favorite gift giving story…

          I had just made that comment to someone, somewhere, and then I read your post. oops!

          Sorry mate! I take it all back! 😀

          Carry on there wayward son…..

        • #3282602

          The infamous “token” gift party

          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to You make a good point..

          The token gift is the one that you got because you were alive and were going to be ?there? when everybody was ?gifted?. Maybe it?s just me but I would generally [b]much rather[/b] get nothing than be token gifted [b]especially[/b] after going out of my way to get something appropriate. BTDT too. 😀 Only once, every time I?ve done it.

          We have the token gifting party with the in-laws, most of whom would like to have the guts to tell me what they really think about me. :0 😀 It?s written all over their faces anyway so they don?t need to tell me. Bummer.

          [b]You[/b] know a [b]lot[/b] more about me and my jobs and my reasons for losing jobs (and everything else) than [b]any[/b] of my in-laws do. I?m on top of [b]one[/b] of their lists for sure!

          My wife takes care of all of the token gifting on my behalf, as a result, everyone thinks I?m so generous. In return, I receive a ton of pistachios at Christmas. I used to like pistachios a lot. Not so much anymore. Care for some? I have another unopened bag right here.

          I buy for my wife, my daughter, my son and my son-in-law and I buy gifts for my dogs. 😐

          That?s it. If I see something that they?ll be able to use and enjoy and it?s within my budget, I?ll buy it for them and give it to them at any point during the year, without waiting for an occasion. You just never know how long you?re going to liv

          (poor joke)

          My immediate family (all 4 of them plus the dogs (?)) [b]always[/b] get me ?stuff? I like and can use, although some of it is still in pristine condition. :p I never yet have had enough money to get my immediate family everything I want to buy for them and I will bet you anything that they all feel the same way about each other.

          [b]That?s[/b] what matters, to me, that they feel that way. Who cares what I get, really? I’ve got everything that I [b]need[/b].

        • #3282598

          Addendum to previous post

          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to You make a good point..

          Everything I need except for a good looking kitchen ceiling which just had about 4 sq. ft. collapse because of water buildup from a leak noticed today while it’s raining.


        • #3282587

          Long weekend coming up

          by tig2 ·

          In reply to Addendum to previous post

          I sense a party!

          So we need to fix a leak and replace the ceiling. Get the stuff, I will pack a hammer. We have all the camping crap we need to be pretty comfy in the driveway.

          Get your buddies, we’ll find some beer and start to hammering. Nothing to it as long as I am not on the roof. Bad plan that. I’m allergic to things that sting.

          You’ll need some boxes. Put all the kitchen crap in boxes and plan to grill extensively. It’ll work.

          If we blitz it, we can fix it. Just send directions.

        • #3282584

          B-) I appreciate it Tigger. Seriously. B-) (pollen)

          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to Long weekend coming up

          But my Mother-in-law is getting a knee replacement tomorrow and we’ll be looking after her. I know where the leak is [b]exactly[/b] and have everything here that I need to fix it, permanently, while ol’ Mom-in is in surgery.

        • #3282423

          Nope, I don’t forget that

          by maevinn ·

          In reply to People are forgetting themselves here

          The question was asked. For me, I don’t care WHY someone gifts me, and I don’t expect a gift from anyone, for any reason, ever. But–if given the choice, I prefer to get a gift I’ll appreciate. Just as I prefer to give a gift that will be appreciated. No, it’s not an obligation, but it’s preferable. If someone is keeps giving you a present that you never like, it’s far better, IMO, to take them aside and gently let them know that their company is more than enough of a treat and that you’re uncomfortable with the gifting. Very few people will be ticked about that. I think it’s ruder to try to discretely give away or hide a poor gift than to be honest about not wanting it in the first place–as long as it’s handled politely.

        • #3282314

          Then I wasn’t talking to you, now was I?

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Nope, I don’t forget that

          There were just a few here that seemed to make more of a big deal about it than was warrented, that is all.

          And I agree that the best way to handle bad gift situations is to find an alternative, like going out to dinner or something.

          My one bud’s wife can be weird about giving gifts sometimes. She will put them in the poor house for her own kids, but doesn’t like to spend much on anyone else. to get my bud off the hook, for a few years I told him I would not have much money that year, and would it be ok if we didn’t exchange gifts that year. He knows my finances better than that, and understood I had just shifted it away from either a conflict with his wife or having to make excuses for her, and put it instead on myself. It helped keep his home life steady. His friendship is worth more than any gift he could buy me, and his wife has some issues she needs to work out.

        • #3284905

          Sorry–didn’t mean to offend

          by maevinn ·

          In reply to Then I wasn’t talking to you, now was I?

          I was just pointing out that not everyone who prefers good gifts is just about the gift, but that it can appear that way when replying to a topic specific to bad gifts. 🙂

        • #3283554

          not offended

          by jdclyde ·

          In reply to Sorry–didn’t mean to offend

          It is all good. 😀

    • #3282317

      Gift Cards: Give and Take

      by tink! ·

      In reply to Do you buy what you like or

      Gift cards to the grown kids (my stepkids).

      Our kids are easy, they’re young and want everything they see advertised on TV. Grandma and Grandpa give em clothes (whoopee- NOT) and everyone else gives em money or gift cards.

      I always ask for gift cards to my fav stores cuz I never know what I want til I get there.

      My Dad, I occassionally give gifts to. Like this year for his 60th I’m making a sculpture of pictures. It’s a hexagonal structure made from gold-painted straws and then thin string thread throughout the structure. I’m going to attach pictures on various spots on the string. It’s a 3-D picture cube type thing. Maybe I’ll post a pic when it’s done.

      But Gift Cards are the safest way to give. And to receive. Those new Visa gift cards are even better because it isn’t store specific.
      Tink 🙂

      • #3282294

        I try to avoid the gift cards

        by jdclyde ·

        In reply to Gift Cards: Give and Take

        but have given them to a few people that are hard to buy for. I know what they like, but just don’t know what they already have.

        When it is a couple, I like the card for dinner because I know they will use it to get out and relax for a night. Often picking a non-kid-friendly place, so they HAVE to leave th kids home and have a quiet night together.

        And yes, please do post a pic of your project when it is done. You should take pictures of it as it is going through various stages too.

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