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Do you participate in political polls?

By DMambo ·
Since it's campaign season, I've had several dinnertime calls over the past several weeks asking questions about whom I support or asking about political issues. Maybe I get a lot of these because I live in a small state.

I have not signed up for the Do Not Call list, so I guess I deserve these calls, but I do not participate when asked. Usually, the callers will not identify the candidate or issue they support, or even where they're calling from. My guess is that they've been instructed to not provide info so as to avoid influencing the answers they get.

The main reason I do not answer is that I want to protect the privacy of my opinions. If they called, then they have my number and they obviously can use that to gather a lot of my personal info, so I don't really want to help them out. In the past, I gave some really outrageous answers just to screw up the polls, but that seems pretty immature, so I stopped. I also have been asked some really leading questions in "push polls" and that's a part of dirty politics (isn't all politics dirty??)IMO, and it turned me off to polling.

Have you had any calls this season? Do you participate? If anyone has any "insider" info on this process, I'd be interested to read about their experiences.

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I only get radio station polls

by jdclyde In reply to Do you participate in pol ...

I don't get the political calls, but because these places have a machine make the calls and then hands it off to an operator when someone answers, it is quite possible they don't know which number they are talking to.

Next time, at least make them identify the polling companies name so you can google their name + "complaints" to see if anyone else has had a problem with them.

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connecting after answering

by john.a.wills In reply to I only get radio station ...

When I noitce that the speaker has been put on the line later than I answered the call I put the phone down at once, without comment.

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I get them

by Tig2 In reply to Do you participate in pol ...

I don't answer them either. Mostly because I am often still considering my options. I don't answer exit polls either. Whatever I did, I already did it. And I consider that information private.

I used to tell them I was voting for Snoopy. That was only fun for awhile.

I've gotten calls- and we ARE listed on the Do Not Call register. The DNC register only protects you from purchase calling- you still get political calls and charitable organisations. No way to stop them.

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I noticed that too

by onbliss In reply to I get them

We keep getting calls from the charitable organizations or fund raisers for a cause.

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No way to avoid them

by Tig2 In reply to I noticed that too

A great many of them are behind an "Out of Area" screen on your caller ID.

I have reached a point where I just don't answer the phone unless I am pretty certain of who is calling. I figure it this way, I pay for the phone service, I get to decide when it gets answered. Friends call my cell, not the house anyway.

I had a woman from the Red Cross get rather nasty with me when she called for our usual donation and I told her that we chose to re-direct that charitable giving to another organisation. Some people! Sheesh!

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Exit polls

by DMambo In reply to I get them

I don't answer exit pollers either. A lot of people must answer the questions though, because generally speaking, the TV networks have it pretty accurate shrtly after the voting ends (2000 not withstanding).

Usually I know the locals standing outside the voting places schilling for votes, so I spend quite a while chatting. I've never had anyone doing exit polls be too aggressive, but my sister who lives in a larger population center, says some of them have been downright rude to her as she walks out.

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Finally reached the point

by Tig2 In reply to Exit polls

Before walking out of the polling place, I lift my (dead) cell phone to my ear and start chatting away until I get to my car. They can be pretty aggressive here too.

Sad thing is that I have often considered not voting at all because of them. I can't imagine that I am alone in that.

I thought that the reason that your vote is private is so that you could vote your conscience and not have to publicise your vote.

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The Do Not Call list

by TonytheTiger In reply to Do you participate in pol ...

doesn't apply to them anyway.

Hey! I just noticed something. The first letter of each word in "Do Not Call"... Interesting.... :)

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by jdclyde In reply to Do you participate in pol ...

If you do, it is via a hellimarketer.

the group hired will keep 70 to 90 percent of the donations as "administrative overhead".

If you wish to give (and I hope you do), write a check and mail it direct or go to a local office.

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by onbliss In reply to NEVER GIVE TO CHARITY OVE ...

I have done it in the past, atleast to three that I can remember. When I hear the words "police" or "firefighter" my mind reaches into my wallet, however small amount it is.

thanks for the tip.

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