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Do you personalize your Work Area

By onbliss ·
You might work in your own office or cube. You might work in a common area or room - with individual desks, or shared desks. Do you personalize your work area and desktop, screen savers?

My wife, she says, has our kids pictures. I am not sure how much more personalization she has done (note to self: talk to wife about this, this evening).

As far as me, I do not personalize. I will have some technical books, paper & stationaries, water bottle, moisturizer (for the dry winters), squeeze balls (I have RSI symptoms), then other material related to project. On the walls, I would tape/pin work related material mostly and name board supplied by my consulting firm (you know sales and what not) That's about it mostly.

In one project, I think I had my kids picture as a screen saver - very briefly though. And couple of times I got little creative with the styrofoam coffe cups and scribbled something and pinned it to the wall.

Currently, I notice that I have a post-it note on my wall with a house-fly sketch. I once noticed a house-fly sitting on the window pane, and I was bored and just sketched, using a pencil.

My habit of not personalizing my work area would have been as a result of me being a consultant (not wanting to accumulate stuff) But I have seen consultants bringing in flower pots, family pictures, kids drawing, religious material, and a whole lot of stuff. I have seen people watering the plants...

How do you personalize or decorate your work area?

this might lead to a wider subject "the place of work in our life" which might require its own thread.

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by JamesRL In reply to Do you personalize your W ...

I have an office. We are expected to decorate actually - my old boss gave me a hard time.

I have pictures of my kids, pictures of "cottage scenes"(I dont have a cottage but you gotta have a dream/goal), and as I mentioned in a previous thread a recent addition of a Rockwell print of JFK accepting the nomination in 1960. What can I say it spoke to me.

I do have a plant, but I just picked one out of a number that were available. We have an external company that waters them.

Not really fancy I am afraid. My next door neghbour has an aquarium with some nice fish, but its not my thing.


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What do you mean...

by onbliss In reply to Personalization "We are expected to decorate actually"

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Not quite Office space

by JamesRL In reply to What do you mean...

We who occupy personal offices are strongly encouraged to personalize it. (With Flair! if you have seen Office space). Management should set an example

Cubicle workers here are welcome to personalize them, but if you don't, no one says anything. The longer term employees do decorate their cubicles. Hockey playoff season can be exciting as we have die hard fans of opposing teams sitting near each other and trash talking. Occasionally I've seen people steal or hide flags.

We often decorate the floor for specific events.
We had a little internal event for the world cup. Halloween is always fun.


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Yup, seen Office Space

by onbliss In reply to Not quite Office space


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Cartoons, Pictures and sight gags.

by faradhi In reply to Do you personalize your W ...

I do personalize my work area. Heavly

I have pictures of my neices and nephews.
I have sight gags like a baseball bat with a sign above it saying "Computer Migration Tool" and a pair of fuzzy dice with a sign saying "Project Time Estimator".

I also have a sign that says "I live in my own little world, But it's ok, everyone knows me here."

I have a Ziggy cartoon that says, "Instant Nice Person just add coffee", a Calvin and Hobbes pane that has Calvin holding a sign that says, "Love the sinner, hate the sin", and a dilbert that has a slide.
I have various other cartoons I have collected over the years as well.

I also have several signs. and

I have a map of middle earth. The cubs schedule and currently last years Memphis Tiger Basketball Schedule (Soon to be replaced by the Tiger Football Schedule.)

All of this is a reminder to try to keep my humor and that I work to live not live to work.

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Quite true.....

by onbliss In reply to Cartoons, Pictures and si ...

...of what you said "I work to live not live to work"

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I keep that saying,

by Old Guy In reply to Cartoons, Pictures and si ...

"I live in my own little world, But it's ok, everyone knows me here." with me too--along with a couple of other ones. Sounds like you have a really cool space (or, whatever word they use today for cool :) )

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by mjwx In reply to Cartoons, Pictures and si ...

I have this as a desktop. its a shame they dont offer it as a poster.

It really helps on a bad day and would be good for scaring the end users.

I dont have many office decorations, I have three white walls and 1 grey one (I'm still neutral about the colour) all empty except for a couple of network diagrams. I have been requested a framed picture but so far management is yet to bite.

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Your frowny trademarke infringment has been forwarded

by jmgarvin In reply to :-(


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I don't do a lot of

by Old Guy In reply to Do you personalize your W ...

personalizing at work. I don't really socialize a whole lot at work either. I kind of have my work life and my real life. I have good work relationships but they don't really spill over much in my private life.

I use a laptop primarily at work which I also use for some personal work as well. I do have that personalized somewhat on the desktop and screen saver. However, it goes with me when I leave each day.

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