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Do you take blogs seriously?

By Toni Bowers ·
Here at TechRepublic, we like to offer subscribers practical information about a number of topics that affect IT pros. Like other sites, we do this with downloads, articles, image galleries, white papers, webcasts, and blogs. My question is what weight do you assign as a reader to each of these types of media? For example, do you give more editorial weight to articles than blogs or does it depend on the author and/or his agenda?

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Everything but BLOGS

by mjd420nova In reply to Do you take blogs serious ...

I read all the catagories, but blogs seem more like editorials and personal opinion than real informative information. Blogs seem to be slants on the real news of the day, one persons interpretation of what is real news or information. I weight them off against the real news and classify them more as gossip. Most are interesting and do bring up aspects of events that are unthought of.

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What is "real news" ?

by Ibanezoo In reply to Everything but BLOGS

Traditional media like newspapers and TV news are still just reports of whatever the reporter thinks is newsworthy. Doesn't mean its accurate or true.....

I caught a local reporter fabricating things in a story and demanded a retraction. They never printed the actual truth and I was actually told by the editor "well we had to write SOMETHING... The police and paramedics wouldn't give us any details....."

Nice huh? Who knows what you are actually reading when you open a newspaper or click on a TV.

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I do like blogs

by DanLM In reply to Do you take blogs serious ...

I find that blogs are much less dry then say a white paper, and I have found alot of information in them to be truthfull.
Web Casts, never bothered. White papers, put me to sleep, articles - read them all the time, Image galleries --- ewww, pretty picture.
Chuckle, sorry. But I do consider blogs a valid source of information for the simple fact that it is usualy from a personal view point for any given topic. And I am refering to technical issues only. Ie: fought this battle, these are the lessons I learned, these are the things I like and the reasons why, these are the things I dislike and the reason why, over all personall oppinion.

White papers are good also, and I read them constantly also.


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for the most part

by Tink! In reply to Do you take blogs serious ...

Blogs are a place for people to voice opinions and rant or vent.

However, depending on the author and his/her agenda a blog could be a good place to find helpful hints or facts. But you really have to know who the author is and if they're reliable or not.

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pretty much agree.

by Jaqui In reply to for the most part

Some blogs are worth reading for the content for learning something.
some are worth reading for the laugh value

all blogs it depends on the blogger.

when I am doing serious research I'll hit an article, rfc, standards specification before anything else.
white papers are nothing but advertisements for a particular product/service.
webcasts are little more than advertisements for a particular product/service.
as such, I never look at the last 2
I rarely look at blogs.
George Ou's pro ms slant on stuff [ the humour aspect, ms being good for anything but video gaming is funny ] and Justin James' unique viewpoint being two I do read fairly often.

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by Justin James Contributor In reply to pretty much agree.

Jaqui -

It's good to hear that you value my blog, thanks!


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blogs rate highly

by mr.macadam In reply to Do you take blogs serious ...

Blogs rate highly to me. A lot of what I read are based off the content from another blog or article however.

So, in that respect, blogs and articles have equal weight since they are most often nowadays feed each other.

White papes are drab. Can't read 'em. Webcasts are not specific enough. Image galleries can be helpful for gear heads to see what folks are doing with their equipment. Forums are good for discussion. I find forums interesting because they take on a life of their own and to some extent are self moderated by the community with an official mod to lay down the law when rules are broken.

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by Jaqui In reply to blogs rate highly

here at TR, unless the members make a fuss, there is no moderation.
We actualy self moderate the content, and only really drawthe lineat blatant pornographic content or commercial posts [ where the poster is trying to sell their product / service ]

other than that, any topic is fair game. :)

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The vehicle doesn't matter to me

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Do you take blogs serious ...

Only content. If someone lets their bias override balance to the point of going non factual, everything they post will be judged on the basis of that bias. The hidden agenda. Whether I agree with it or not.

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A little bit of everything except...

by khigh In reply to Do you take blogs serious ...

white papers and webcasts. I only read white papers when I can't get the information from some other source, and webcasts take too long to get to the point.

I like blogs for the personal view it gives to information. I also appreciate the commentary on life in general that a lot of them provide. The key has been finding authors with a writing style I like. (props to the Trivia Geek, I love his blog!)

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