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Do you think that time travelling is possible??

By DeN inc. ·
It just struck my mind. What if we're able to travel to the future rather than the past? I think I would then go 1000 years ahead and start selling the currencies we have today. Haha.. I'll be rich

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by maecuff In reply to Do you think that time tr ...

Have you seen the movie Napolean Dynamite. They had a time travelling machine. Didn't work out too good for them.

One day in the future would be good enough for me. I'd get the mega millions number and be set for life. Thus far, my retirement plan is winning the lottery. It isn't panning out so great. I guess I should actually buy a ticket from time to time.

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Several "Far Side" Cartoons address this issue.

by DMambo In reply to Do you think that time tr ...

My favorite is where the to scientists set their time machines for the same coordinates and crash. Of course the one where the housekeeper mistakes it for the washing machine is also good.

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if you were going to do anything

by jck In reply to Do you think that time tr ...

Go back to the past (say 70 years), steal some clothing, be anonymous...and get a job working on something you'd be considered a genius in for the time.

Make lots of money, save it, then buy up property in places like Miami Beach, Palo Alto, etc, and put them in a trust in your name.

Then come back to the current time and claim the property and sell it.

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Wouldn't Maecuff's idea to win tomorrow's lottery be easier?

by DMambo In reply to if you were going to do a ...

If you just spend 5 minutes each day going into tomorrow to read the newspaper, you could return to today and have plenty of opportunities to cash in. Of course, you might spent all of your today time stopping crime or something. You know, I think I'll just be surprised by what happens. Too much pressure knowing what will happen in the future.

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if you bought

by jck In reply to Wouldn't Maecuff's idea t ...

50 acres in Miami Beach in the 1940s for about $1,000, that same land today is worth about...$500,000,000.

Besides with a lottery, you'd also have to kill any other winners or steal their ticket.

I'd rather earn my land with honest work...even with the help of manipulation of time.

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You could also buy "Cosmopolitan" magazine

by DMambo In reply to if you bought

You could use your editorial influence to promote the image of 6'5" geek-swill type as the hottest type of man on the planet.

I can see the article now - "Is Your Man a Perverted Nerd? Take Our Test" :)

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by jck In reply to You could also buy "Cosmo ...

are you 6'5? hahahahaha

I'm about 3 sheets of paper under 6'6.

And besides...when I dress up (since I got rid of the BCGs years ago...BCG = Birth Control Glasses), I don't look like a geek.

In fact, I've been told if I were in excellent physical condition I could be a male model.

I don't believe it tho...if I were that hot, I'd be married to some babe by now who's an exec or something.

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by beads In reply to if you bought

Don't forget to set up your accountant to pay all those taxes to the county, etc. Gotta keep the local beureaucrats happy. Else, it would be confiscated and you'd have to start all over again.

- beads

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that's simple to handle

by jck In reply to Taxes

and you wouldn't need an accountant.

You could (even in the old days) have the county/city/state automatically deduct it from an account.

besides, you could always use a calculator, determine what you would have to put into an account to accrue enough in dividends to cover taxes through a certain year until they got outrageous (because land down there is ridiculously priced for somewhere that gets hit by hurricanes once every 3 years on average).

Then, go cash in...and invest the big chunk and wait 15 more years and double your money that way by investing in the stock market and what not.

you could sit down and plan what to do in under an hour with internet access to news articles and what not.

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There was a TV show with that premise

by JamesRL In reply to Wouldn't Maecuff's idea t ...

Can't remember the name of it, but someone delivered tomorrow's newspaper today for this one charecter.

His one friend in on the secret urges him to win big, but he chooses to make enough to live on by betting the horses, and using the rest of his time to avert tradgedies and right wrongs in his city(Chicago i think).


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