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Documenting a Network

By wefrazier ·
What type of information should be included when documenting an existing Network?

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by jim In reply to Documenting a Network

The main purpose for documenting a network is to protect the organization from loss. This covers loss of work because Passwords are lost, Software can not be located, or the one person who knows where everything is just got hit by a truck. When I get involved in documenting a network I include the following. Cable testing data, server addresses, server OS's, server service pack levels, number of workstations, OS's running on workstations, service pack levels of workstations, Software that is used on the network (databases, specialty software ect...), service pack levels of the software.

One word about the password documentation these should be kept in a sealed envelope in a secure location. if the seal is broken the password should be changed imediatly. These passwords should be checked regularly.

I am sure that I am leaving things out but this should be a good start. Please add if anyone can think of anything else.

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