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Documenting Methods Used to Solve Various Technology Problems

By comp1systems ·
This is a subject I do not recall seeing discussed. And the
only reason why it's on my mind is because a fellow
TechRepublic member mentioned something about and it
got me thinking. As a new tech person, I have found
myself documenting methods I used to solve the problems I
have encountered in the past year, and it's been quite
helpful because at one point or another, if I run across a
similar problem, I have notes to refer to. 9 times out of 10
the same method works, or I'll find that I may have to tweek
it a little bit to get the problem solved.

So my question is, is this something normal that IT
professionals find necessary to do, or in some cases is
considered a waste of time. I would think that highly
advance IT professional will not have the need to document
the methods used to solve various problems. I just seem to
think it's a good idea. And helpful in the long run.

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Note to self....

by road-dog In reply to Documenting Methods Used ...

start keeping a notebook of notes to self.

Better yet, get your bullpen of Engineers to create a secure web site of tips, tricks, and tweaks so you can find fixes wherever you are.

I used to work for International Network Services before the Lucent buyout. They had a great collection of such information. It acted as a "force multiplier" for that company.

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Root Cause Analysis

by BFilmFan In reply to Documenting Methods Used ...

Some of the newer help desk packages can build this information from the information entered into the databases.

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I worked in manufacturing for a long time

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Documenting Methods Used ...

We had an entire catalogue, of faults and methods to fix them. Even failed ones.
We regularly updated and policed it and used it for scoping preventative routines, and source fixes.
As it was 24/7 shift based operation and problems could be intermittant and some times take a while to come up with the best fix, it was a good way of disseminating information across the team.

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by Jaqui In reply to Documenting Methods Used ...

document it.
even older it pros have been doing this in different fashions.

and as mentioned by one earlier, document what doesn't work as well.

after a while you can go back and see if there is a pattern to the problems and try to find the underlying cause.

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