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    Documents on CD w/Hyperlinks


    by shooser1 ·

    I work in a department that is responsible for ISO9000 documentation. We are looking into the purchase of a CD-RW drive for the purpose of putting our ISO manuals on CD for distribution to the various department. The manuals are in Word and we would like to use hyperlinks to other documents. Unfortunately, a potential problem exists in that not everyone’s CDROM may be the same drive letter. Is there a way to overcome this? Also, I should make mention that the goal is to present the documents to avoid changes being made by other departments without our knowledge. Our current paper-system fails us in this regard. Many departments will write changes in their particular manual and my department won’t know about it until our ISO auditor is due to visit. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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      Documents on CD

      by duskos ·

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      I would like to share my experience.
      I’m an internal auditor too in my company. We decided that we’ll keep our procedures on the company Intranet server. For this purpose, every controlled document has a disclaimer sentence attached to it that says: “This document is valid only in its electronic form, when obtained from server
      Company confidential”.
      But let’s see your problem.
      1. Protecting document against changing.
      Use Adobe Acrobat ( This will convert your docs into PDFformat. You may freely distribute Acrobat Reader with your contents and your PDF files could be printed and viewed but not modified.
      2. Hyperlinks
      Use combination of Web page with PDF documents. It is very easy to make a web page either with MS Word or some other shareware or commercial software. Hyperlinks can be absolute or relative to your current postion. If you use relative hyperlinks, you don’t need to wory about CD drive letter.

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