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Does anyone want to talk about Vietnam?

By jardinier ·
I am starting this thread because I know a lot of you guys served there.

It was a controversial war from beginning to end and I would really like to hear first-hand accounts about any aspects of the war that you might want to share.

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Why??? You weren't there. What possible meaning could it have for you.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Does anyone want to talk ...

Jules you do have a knack for making the most inappropriate of comments or statements. Why you should persist in this, is questionable because all you seem to be doing is seeking to reopen old wounds.

Aside from being inappropriate your questions are unnecessarily tastless and display a willful ignorance. Considering you have never been a participant in any matters of consequence but have made a point of proclaiming your uninvolvement in most matters, as that of an innocent observer; why now do you seek to reopen matters in which your only real interest is that of a ghoul feasting on the souls and corpses of the past. Go away; the stench of you is beginning to disgust me and I suspect most of us here.

Go back to your wishful cruising of match making web sites. Hopefully you will find sufficient there to hold your prurient paedophillic interests but you have become tiresomely boring here.

As an idle observation; it takes a man to play the game and a punk to criticize. What that says about idle obsevers, I can only speculate but you can be sure it isn't very complimentary of your pseudo intellect.

So you've reached sixty-five now. What does it feel like to have done that and to have never tried, never mind achieved, anything of consequence??? Hmmmmm??? Does anyone want to talk about that???

Thought, not!!!! Remember Jules; no guts, no glory.

Dawg ]:)

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Well dawg

by jardinier In reply to Why??? You weren't there. ...

I have no idea why you are so bitter, but that's your burden and it doesn't touch me.

Because your posts usually contain about equal amounts of BS and fact, I have learned not to take anything you say seriously.

As for my accomplishments, they are many and varied. I have enjoyed a very full and interesting life. In fact if I were to die tomorrow, I would consider that I got very good value from my 65 years.

I think the sickest thing I have ever read at TR is your oft repeated: "The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim." Such a simplistic and hateful viewpoint really doesn't say much for your intelligence, character or common sense.

Almost every day of my life I speak to one or another young Muslim man from Pakistan, India or Bangladesh. They are all courteous, aware, intelligent and with no hatred. Beside any of these young men you would be worth less than a pile of horse manure.

Dump on me all you like. I only respect the opinions of people whom I first respect, and you certainly do not come into that category.

Regarding the war in Vietnam, Australian conscripts were chosen by randomly selecting birth dates and so I wasn't called up.

And finally, d*ckhead dawg, plans have almost been finalised to bring my young Ethiopian beauty to Australia to be my wife. I will make an announcement at TR when she arrives -- which will most likely be within two weeks.

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If I had any of your respect, I would be hanging my head in shame.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Well dawg

As for your Ethiopian beauty............You have absolutely no idea of the levels of mirth and derision you inspire; either that or the natural loathing of all, for a paedophile.

Regarding your respect, I neither desire it nor seek it and would be worried if I had it.

Let's see now; you managed to dodge the draft; you've failed as a journalist, you've been none too successful as a gardiner and you've learned not to take anything I say seriously. Does that about sum it up??? So much for your many and varied accomplishments. I would stand in absolute awe of you except for one tiny item. You claim to have received excellent value for your sixty-five years.

I guess that's what separates us. I do not consider the value I have received for my years but the value I will leave behind. One of the causes I work for is the elimination of child abuse; which might explain my feelings of revulsion regarding you.

Frankly, I think your conversations with,"one or another young Muslim man from Pakistan, India or Bangladesh." are a figment of your imagination, if not an out and out total lie. You always seem to come up with these examples with a special emphasis on the "young" aspect. Interesting; as well as being slightly creepy. I sometimes feel I want to wash my hands after reading some of your posts.

Anyway good luck with your Ethiopian beauty, you're going to need all that you can get, if you are to be anywhere near successful, which going by your track record, isn't very likely. Seeing is believing; the sounds of laughter you hear in the background are the normal sounds of derision for a silly and dirty old man. The retching sounds are from the gag reflex that you seem to trigger in so many.

Dawg ]:)

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It's none of my business

by OnTheRopes In reply to Well dawg

but that seldom deters me. I'm not choosing up sides and for what it's worth, I personally refuse to post to any discussions once certain people show up or are already in them.

Reading discussions that either or both of you partcipate in shows me that both of you have ideas worth considering.

Point and counterpoint.

MY point being: I actually was interested in a Vietnam-Era discussion.

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Vietnam-Era discussion does sound interesting but from my experience those that participated in Vietnam don't discuss it and any for one that does, I would question the truth of their statements.

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by OnTheRopes In reply to a

That hasn't been my experience but I hear that a lot.

I volunteered to the US Navy during the War and call Bull$hit when somebody starts in with it.

I spent a couple of years worth of weeknights and weekends at Ann Arbor, Michigans VA hospital as a volunteer on the psych floors, including lockdown, after the Vietnam war and still have friends from that.

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So at least two people would like a discussion

by jardinier In reply to a

but it's not happening, which is a pity.

My motivation for starting this dicussion was a movie based on real events which was extremely critical of how top brass bowed to political pressure and gave false accounts of the actual casualties and conditions and the terrible mistakes coming from top command.

THAT is why I wanted input from people who actually served in the war. No I am NOT a ghoul -- in fact quite the opposite.

And now I will tell you an account of the bravery of one particular Australian vet. My friend and I encountered this man in Kings Cross, Sydney. He had been rendered totally blind in the war. He lived three suburbs away from where we met him, and we offered to assist him home.

But no, he would accept no assistance. He refused to give in to his disability, and found his way by feeling buildings and other solid objects along the way.

In this discussion I was hoping to get first-hand accounts of needless and pointless suffering as a result of politicising or bungling by high command.

But Mr Dawg seems to like to disagree with anything I say as a matter of principle, so perhaps there will still be a response or two from persons who can address the topic WITHOUT letting any bias they may have about me personally getting in the way of expressing their experiences, ideas or feelings about this horrendous debacle of a war.

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"first-hand accounts of needless and pointless suffering"

by jdclyde In reply to So at least two people wo ...

That does sound rather ghoulish.

I stayed out because I had nothing to add to a discussion of Nam. Was too young, wasn't there.

The problem with most discussions about Nam is they revert to the tales like were told to Congress by John Kerry, about atrocities that never happened. Do bad things happen in war? Of course, but in his case, it was determined that each case that he testified that "he had witnessed" had actually been stories told to him that ALL turned out to be lies. (a trait he still has today)

The group that kills a whole village of "civilians", but the part of the kid or woman that run up and throw a grenade first gets buried in the story somehow so the soldiers get painted as some kind of monsters.

The real monsters are the ones that made life **** for the soldiers when they came back home.

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Thanks, jd

by oneamazingwriter In reply to "first-hand accounts of n ...

I am the widow of one of those guys who was slandered. He didn't die in Nam. Three years after coming home he developed Leukemia and died two years later. A lot of the guys who served in Nam wound up with Leukemia. He's been gone now longer than he was alive, but his smile lives on. Check out my avatar.

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Me ghoulish? No way.

by jardinier In reply to "first-hand accounts of n ...

Either I put both feet in my mouth before starting this discussion, or people are reading sinister innuendos into my posts, based on their own agendas and/or areas of sensitivity.

Of COURSE I don't want to hear gory details. What an absurd assumption!

I want INSTANCES (not bloody details) in which persons who served felt unnecessary suffering was occurring because of bungling or politicising by top brass.

And of course I know about the child or woman with hand grenade. I am of the same generation as people who served in Vietnam, and in case you overlooked it in another post, I would most likely be a Vietnam vet or casualty myself if my birthdate had been selected in the draw for conscripts.

I would point out that unlike some Americans, Australian conscripts did NOT conveniently cross the border into Canada or make public displays of burning draft cards.

As for anyone who thinks I am some kind of wuss, I will mention that if I lived my life over again there are two things that I would have done: (1) Learnt a martial art and (2) Joined the military reserves.

At the private high school which I attended for four years, all students were required to participate in the Military cadets on reaching the age of 14, and had the option of serving in the Air Cadets after one year in the military.

So I did both. I was lousy with a .303 and Bren gun, but quite good in the Link trainer I was told.

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