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D'Oh! I messed up spouse's PC! Help!

By CMB from Omaha ·
I was trying to "help" hubby by setting up access to our home wireless network on his work PC (a Dell laptop running Windows 2000). Even though I was logged in as a different user (albeit with admin privileges), I somehow managed to erase the user settings associated with hubby's primary login account (desktop wallpaper, Favorites, etc.) I have NO idea how this happened. I already know it was seriously dumb for neither of us to have backed up his PC files & settings before I started messing with it. The question now is, does W2K have some sort of restore points so we can "turn back the hands of time"? Thanks in advance to anyone who can get me out of the doghouse.

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by gralfus In reply to D'Oh! I messed up spouse' ...

Check under the C:\Documents and Settings folder to see if any of the subfolders contain the data you are seeking. This is where each user's information is stored. Check all the folders, even the default and all user folders. Make hidden folders visible so you can check inside those as well.

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by BlitzSonik In reply to D'Oh! I messed up spouse' ...

Win 2k does not have a restore point like ME and XP do. Check the DOMAIN part of the login. If its a work PC like you mentioned then he might just be laoding the wrong profile. These profiles are located in the Documents and Settings folder. His folder will be named as his user name. Most work places use raoming profiles which are not accessible (obviously) when you are not connected to the domain.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to D'Oh! I messed up spouse' ...

To go along with what gralfus posted:
Open My Computer and go to C:\Documents & Settings.
That is the root folder for all user profiles in Win2K (if this machine was originally NT4 Workstation upgraded to Win2K, then the path is different, FYI). You're gonna see folders with names like Default User, All Users, Administrator, etc.
There should be at least one with the name that matches your husband's login name (let's say it's BOB, for example).
What happens sometimes is that when you log in, Windows gets confused and is not able to open the correct user profile. When this happens (and I don't know why; it just does sometimes), the local machine will make a new copy of the user profile in the Doc&Set folder. But, since there already is a profile folder with that name, it makes a new one, with .000 appended to the folder name.
So, let's say BOB has logged in and already has the folder C:\Documents & Settings\BOB
Then one day on logging in, Windows freaks out and decides to make a new profile for BOB.
It looks at the C:\Documents & Settings directory, and already sees the BOB folder. Well, it can't then make another BOB folder, since the profile creation process can't overwrite.
So, it makes BOB.000 (or BOB.001, etc).
And so when it's done, and the Desktop is displayed for BOB, he is actually seeing the BOB.000 profile structure.
The original BOB folder is still on the machine, intact, just not being used.
So what you can do in this case is do some adjustments.
Log in as another Administrator-level account (not as BOB).
Go to the C:\Documents & Settings folder, and Rename BOB.000 to something else (BOB.IDONTCARE).
Then rename the BOB folder to be BOB.000
Windows has decided to reference the BOB.000 folder with the BOB login name.
If you just name the old BOB folder with the new BOB.000 name, then that tricks Windows into using the old profile!

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by Joseph Moore In reply to

Reboot after this (I'm old fashioned this way!), and have BOB log in. He should then reference his old profile (with the new BOB.000 folder name).
And all should be well!

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by CMB from Omaha In reply to

We never did get the problem solved; I think the support folks at hubby's job had hosed something up. But this was good information for the future--thanks!

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by CMB from Omaha In reply to D'Oh! I messed up spouse' ...

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