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Dominating Employee

By pslvprabhu ·

Iam a middle management and i have a team member with good knowldge , but the problem is even iam the leader for me he wants to dominate me always and shows up to mgmt and he will not report to me atall. he want to set me back. My top mgmt will not worry as he is doing job well. its problem for middle mgmt like only. how to handle these kind of guys.


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by JamesRL In reply to Dominating Employee

I would not try and make it a me and you head butting issue. I would try and make this person away of the impression that senior management gets when he acts that way - that he and you don't agree, that he is stubborn etc. Tell him the truth, that it doesn't help his career or your department, and that if you both want to succeed it has to look like you are both getting along and working together, not working at cross purposes.

Its not an easy message. You need to ask him whats wrong - why does he not trust you, why do you not work well together. Ask him what he thinks you should do about it.


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Your are leading him

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Dominating Employee

somewhere he want's to go or somewhere you could persuade him, it might be nice to end up I assume.
The art of leadership is to get others to follow, they are only going to do that, if they get something out of it.

Saying you are a leader, doesn't make you a leader, having followers makes you a leader.
You are either frightening this guy and he's reacting, and or you've given him no reason to respect you.

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It sounds as though he is trying to sabotage you.

by pennatomcat In reply to Dominating Employee

His goal might be to take your job. If he's playing dirty, consider the same.

If he's simply not a team player, STRONGLY indicate that on his periodic performance review.

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So many possibilities

by Jeffykins In reply to It sounds as though he is ...

There are many possible explanations for his behavior. I've seen it many times, and here are some:

1- He believes the company is so messed up that this is his best chance to get ahead (true, sometimes).
2- He thinks you're a dummy and wants to get noticed by the big cheeses, possibly to replace you.
3- Someone told him this is what you're supposed to do to get ahead, and he's just following directions.
4- He has a psychological problem (attention seeking).

Probably, there are more possibilities. I only listed ones I've seen. It's VERY important to figure out WHY he's acting this way. Once you find the reason, you can (re)act accordingly. If you don't know the reason, it's hard to recommend any course of action that's not totally inappropriate sometimes. Any of the aforementioned suggested actions can agravate the problem, if the real reason for this behavior isn't the one the writer had in mind.

If you can't figure out the reason for this behavior (and maybe if you can), you should ask YOUR manager for help. If (s)he won't help you, then #1 may be correct, and you should probably just look for a new job, and let him take yours.

Good luck!

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Top managment

by onbliss In reply to Dominating Employee

Hmmm... you say the top management will not worry about such behavior. Do they know about this person? If yes, then that indicates the top management is not supporting you. This indicates they care about immediate job on hand, and they are not thinking far ahead.

Get a honest opinion about yourself from others and yourself. If you feel you are able and have the ability, then start looking around. But if you feel you have more to learn, then utilize this opportunity to learn one aspect of "office space".

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by bob.grimste In reply to Dominating Employee

Take charge, be firm and sit down with this person and let him/her know what the boundaries are. Then sit back and let them maximize their potential within the boundaries but be ready to step in with a firm reminder if they step over the line. Check out a book on Lincoln's leadership skills, cannot remember the title, but it a short read and provides many entertaining yet applicable examples.

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by l.brady In reply to Dominating Employee

You need to find a quiet place for a 1-1 meeting with your team member. You need to tell him that his behaviuor is unacceptable. Describe the particular behaviour that you object to with examples. You are criticising his behaviour and not him personally, tell him thaty you expectyto see a change in his behaviour in teh next 2-3 weeks.

Make a written note of the meeting and schedule another meeting if necessary.

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