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Don't be fooled by IMITATIONS

By Tig2 ·
There are now two Tigger Two's. Confusing to say the least.

Yes, I know. I have posted this before. But having ended the "Self Trained" thread with this information I felt it was only reasonable to bring this message to the masses- most of whom are BORED with the "Self Trained" thread.

The "member" who started that thread has obviously decided that (s)he would rather be me than him/herself. Considering that the point of that post was that a person with a CS degree is somehow better than someone without one, I think this is rather strange. I don't have a degree. Why would that person want to be me? My facility with the English language?

If Spuddy_M thought that stealing my name would send me on a one way trip on the bitter bus, I have news for him. Rather than ride the bitter bus, I am laying the issue before my peers.

There is only ONE real, live, genuine TiggerTwo- ME. Don't be fooled by imitations. Although I doubt any of you would be- The difference between my (obviously- based on his/her need to be me!) superior mind and Spuddy's are immediately apparent. I can form a correct sentence! I am also capable of replying in well thought-out ideas as opposed to the flaming that erupted in the other thread.

Okay- I called Spuddy a troll. I also compared his paper training (degree) with paper training (puppy). So I'm a bad person... :)

Darn- thought it would take longer to get over it...

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So how

by Dr Dij In reply to Don't be fooled by IMITAT ...

did you figure how it was Spuddy_M?

(quote from Captn Kirk when wrestling his duplicate:)

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Um... Doc

by Tig2 In reply to So how

I obviously set the idiot filter to "high" and scanned the membership.

There is only ONE TiggerTwo!

Wait- that somehow doesn't sound right...

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She said

by jdclyde In reply to Don't be fooled by IMITAT ...

"member". hee hee hee!~

Ok, so we will have to see just what FAKE-Tigger Two has in mind. It can't be much, because this really shows a total lack of originality and thought, much like the rest of his posts.

Maybe he is getting ready for that sex change operation, and wanted to start seeing how it feels to be a woman? :0

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But JD

by Tig2 In reply to She said

Do you really think that it is his goal to become a one breasted cancer survivor??? Harsh way to go trannie!

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I didn't think more

by Old Guy In reply to Don't be fooled by IMITAT ...

than one person could have the exact name. Remember, Stargazzer had to add a z in her name because there was already one with just the one z. Oh, wait, you don't have a space between your name. That and you're still the only Ti double gaa errrTwo. :)

Edited to add: you are correct it would be easy to spott the imitation. An imitation may be a high form of flattery but it is never exactly as good!

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Just like between FAKE tigger Twos ears

by jdclyde In reply to I didn't think more

there is a blank space...... ;\

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LOL :^0

by Old Guy In reply to Just like between FAKE ti ...

that is the absolute best reply. You really are too cool!

Edited for emoticon.

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Rest assured...

by onbliss In reply to Don't be fooled by IMITAT ...

...that many of us will detect such acts. Though it is flattering to see someone take your name, I bet it is very annoying to you, to say the least.

I was wondering one thing though. In answering to OldGuy, you said the following: "They quoted spuddy_m exactly from post in the body but added the title" Reference:

But the original post does not have anything of that nature. It could be because possible that the post was edited on 6/14/2006 (that is today). Also there seems to be a disclaimer now. I do not know if the content has been itself changed :-(

Little confusing. Maybe editing is not that of a nice feature.

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by Tig2 In reply to Rest assured...

All TR did in the Soapbox was add a title to the original post. I noticed at around 6:00 this morning (CDT) Spuddy had added the disclaimer. I no longer have the Soapbox email from TR so can't compare with what is currently the beginning of the Self Trained thread.

I CAN tell you that initially, there was a line in there that said something to the effect that a degreed "professional" in comparison to a non-degreed IT person should be given primary consideraton when looking for a job. That particular point became the basis for the lion's share of the discussion.

Pretty sad that after 250 odd responses, he found it necessary to materially alter his original statements.

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Please realize that I

by Old Guy In reply to Onbliss

in no way take up for spuddy_m from his initial post on the first day nor the fact that he changed it today. Throughout that discussion he showed his totally inferiorority.

I just took issue, albeit slight, with the added title in the TR email.

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