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Don't rely on one cell phone

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Tell us what you think about Mike Talon's advice about how to get the word out that something is wrong if cell networks drop and pagers aren?t working properly, as featured in the July 15 Disaster Recovery e-newsletter. Do you have additional adviceconcerning this topic that you?d like to share with your IT peers?

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Who cares

by Oz_Media In reply to Don't rely on one cell ph ...

If the entire world went back to POTS communications, it would just mean less people slowing me dowm on the highway, less teenagers talking aimlessly on their phones in public places like restaurants and stores.

In fact, although my cell phone ismy main source of contact, I'd love to see it replaced by POTS telephones! If I'm not home, leave a message and WAIT!

Life goes on without the stupid little privelages that people now consider ways of life.


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Cell phones - another angle

by dgilman In reply to Who cares

For my client's Disaster Recovery Plan, we included the customer service numbers for every cell phone provider in our area. Why? Simple, in case of a disaster, the phones are going to be HEAVILY used. It would reduce one of the pains of the recovery to call the providers ahead of time and explain the situation. Most providers can execute another, higher volume, calling plan on the fly..... So that way folks don't get $800 cell phone bills to present with all of the other expenses of a recovery... A small detail but an sensitive one.

At their shop, each person has their own cell phone and only gets a monthly stipend for corporate use.

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by esa.lahnakoski In reply to Don't rely on one cell ph ...

In addition to the helpful tips, most data centers maintain a dedicated backup line that bypasses the in house PBX and some have also arranged for a direct dial line to an alternate CO.
Taking lessons learned from the 1999 Bell CO failure in Toronto, and from BCM 101...
1) Set expectations and procedures with key client groups ahead of time to make sure that IT groups restore services based client priorities. Also helps to provide clients with an agreed to bridge number where they can meet immediately after service is restored.
2) Often overlooked, ensure you have several channels by which to contact your key suppliers. In the event that the vendor service desk is out, the sales rep or direct contact with the vendor executive can help get the message through.
3) Most companies have crisis management teams. Check to see if a 'knockout' procedure exists. This would cause the team to take a predetermined action after an outage exceeds a specific length of time. For example, if all telco services are out, the crisis team instrucion might be to travel to a predetermined assembly point so they can meet face to face to manage issues.

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Another Article

by MikeTalonNYC In reply to Escalations

We will be covering land lines in the near future, stay tuned!

Mike Talon

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Maybe OK for US...

by Richard Kirk In reply to Don't rely on one cell ph ...

..but we have a nice full coverage digital network over the pond!
Pager? - can you still get them? Didn't they die with analogue mobile phones?

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Amateur radio is one answer

by barry_bogart In reply to Don't rely on one cell ph ...

Ham radio operators have traditionally been used in emergencies where other comms methods have failed - ie. 9/11. Pass a simple exam on theory and regulations and you will access to a large network of repeaters which inerconnect to the regular phonesystem as well as the internet. Hams are experts at emergency comms using generator, battery and solar power as required, with a range of anywhere from 5 miles to 5000. See WWW.ARRL.ORG for more info. But these services cannot be used for commercialpurposes - the outage must be considered an emergency and not just a business problem.

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