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DOS window

By D.H. Cesare ·
Using XP Home, how do you get a DOS window to come up? I tried running "nslookup" from the Start>Run window, but the little black window that popped up, disappeared right away. Then I tried running a PING from that RUN window and the same thing happened. The little DOS window popped up and then disappeared. How do I get that little DOS window to stay up there til I'm finished with it?

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Start>Run >command

by jdmercha In reply to DOS window

Technically there is no DOS window. It is a command line window.

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by Jessie In reply to Start>Run >command

You can just type in "cmd" from the run menu.

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Command and CMD are different

by neilb@uk In reply to DOS window

Watch for that one. Start | Run | Command will get you the DOS command Interpreter with 8.3 filename contractions in paths and other retrictions. Start | Run | CMD gets you the XP Command Interpreter.

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CMD is the one.....

by D.H. Cesare In reply to Command and CMD are diffe ...

CMD is the one I want, I guess. COMMAND doesn't allow you to "paste" into the window and it doesn't want to shut down properly. Says Windows cannot end this program, etc.
I don't understand why Windows would have both, but there's a lot about Windows I don't understand.
Thanx for the CMD.

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cmd does not work Command does

by Porkepig14 In reply to Command and CMD are diffe ...

I have Windows XP Home edition and when i go to start menu>Run i tpye in "cmd" (no quotes) the dos prompt comes up for a second and then closes out while if I type "Command" the prompt will come up and stay up. This is goes the same if i'm in safe mode or not.

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something is wrong with your system

by w2ktechman In reply to cmd does not work Command ...

maybe the cmd.exe file needs replacing. cmd is really the only one I use, as I rarely need the actual DOS command window.

But I usually explain it o others as 'he dos window' cause it looks similar.

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