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Double Click Spy ware on Tech Rebublic

By n3voc ·
One of the most anoying problems we as IT profesionals face is Ad/Spy-ware. I find it particularly anoying that one of the sites, THIS ONE, that I come to for advice on prevent things like this is in fact sending it out! I recently set spybot to monitor activity, and the 1st thing it prevents is Tech Republic's site from installing Double Click spy-ware. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

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Well, yes & no.

by deepsand In reply to Double Click Spy ware on ...

DoubleClick is use by TR, ZD, & many respected sites for ad placement & web trends stats.

They are NOT here DOWNLOADING any "mal-ware."

Still, out of habit, I block them.

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More cookies that at a girl scout meeting

by Scybyte In reply to Well, yes & no.

DoubleClick is just one of the cookies that Pest Patrol Pro detected here but even free sites have to pay their bill. If you do not want cookies you have option to eighter block them or set them to expire instantly after you receive them. I love the phrase "ad placement & web trends stats" put a smile on my face.

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more cookies than mr christie

by house In reply to More cookies that at a gi ...

you beat me to the punch line. :)

I don't care much... I try to block anything exept the, but it takes a bit of administration. I set a trust fo TR and when I notice a few slipping through, I add them to the blacklist.

They don't appear to be threatening, so I don't care either way. I access TR from a few machines... only my home pc blocks them.

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You can allways

by dafe2 In reply to more cookies than mr chri ...

Woof the ones Dare makes. They don't allways 'have good things in em.'

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President's Choice Decadent

by house In reply to You can allways

Now that's a cookie. They might be only available in Canada... I don't know.

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just block all third party cookies.

by Jaqui In reply to More cookies that at a gi ...

I also reject cookies that contain the phrase "ad"
in them.

I only accept cookies from originating website, with an explicit consent privacy policy.

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I don't mind

by house In reply to Double Click Spy ware on ...

They are simple tech trackers... if you don't like them, they are easy enough to block.

If they really wanted to screw us over, they would use a cookie from a third party ad domain to store our login creds.

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Your worried about a cookie

by dafe2 In reply to Double Click Spy ware on ...

That's like being worried when/if "car vandals" make the front page news in the city of New York.

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Watch out for your bank

by jdclyde In reply to Double Click Spy ware on ...

They use cookies too.

Dude, you really have better things to worry about.

If it helps them pay the bills so I can come to this site for FREE everyday, a cookie (while bad for me) won't hurt my system.

Now if they put a highjack or actually INSTALL something then that would be different.

How much do you pay for TR?

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Mine use brownies!

by deepsand In reply to Watch out for your bank

And, sometimes, toasters as well.

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