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DOWNLOA Export Excel comments to Word

By Bill Detwiler Editor ·
Excel's comment feature allows you to quickly and easily describe a cell's function or provide additional information. While printing these comments is relatively simple, getting them into a Word document can prove more difficult. You can manually copy and paste each comment, but this is tedious and time-consuming.

The Export Excel comments to Word VBScript makes the job a snap. This handy script copies the cell comments from an Excel workbook to a new Word document. The script works on Excel workbooks with multiple worksheets and exports each comment's cell reference and text.

Download and try the VBScript:

Then, join this ongoing discussion and let us know if you find the Delete Word Document Hyperlinks VBScript useful and if there's anything we can do to improve the tool.

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Enhancement for hidden cells

by mweir2 In reply to DOWNLOAD: Export Excel co ...

This is handy, but would be improved if it would take into account whether the cell(s)are hidden. Can you provide additional tests, presumably conditioning the inner loop of the "for counter" loop, that would skip comments from (for example) hidden columns?

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Adding a Browse button

by wade_issa In reply to DOWNLOAD: Export Excel co ...

This is a great tool. Is there a way to modify the code to add a browse files button?

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didn't work

by mmschneider In reply to DOWNLOAD: Export Excel co ...

joined this stupid site, downloaded it, and it was useless. nice work, shitrepublic!

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it worked for me

by bro908 In reply to didn't work

it will work. I'm using 2007. I could not get it to work if I had Excel running in background. Make sure Excel is shut down before using. Also, it saves your file to the nearest hard disk... not in the same file as original for some reason. So you have to look for the doc file on your drive.

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Issue with 2007

by bro908 In reply to DOWNLOAD: Export Excel co ...

Works okay, but I get an error saying Word cannot load MSDWD632.WPC. If I click this off, it reappears. It does this several times, but then it goes away and the conversion takes place. Perhaps just a bug? I am using 2007 Excel version.

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by Jschinski In reply to DOWNLOAD: Export Excel co ...


Thanks for writing this utility. It saved me from having to do a lot of work.

John S.

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Excel Issue

by mtmanner In reply to DOWNLOAD: Export Excel co ...


I'm using Office 2004 for Mac. Out of the blue, Excel stopped allowing me to open a file that has a year's worth of work. The file is still on my computer (reports the correct size), but when I try to open it, Excel flashes something and then there's nothing on the screen except the Excel menu bar.

I'd like to use the script for exporting Excel comments to Word in order to save the data in the comment boxes, but, I can't get the file to open.


Craig in Boulder

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Script now gone!

by MacMacdonald1207 In reply to DOWNLOAD: Export Excel co ...

I see the script is now not available, does anyone know where I can get this from please?
Many thanks
Mac -

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