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By Chris A ·
I am behind a firewall and cannot down stuff from this site. Is there any way you could set up an ftp server for use by people like me that want to get these files but can't?

Chris Allen

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I will respond...

by SaraMiller In reply to Downloads from TechRepubl ...

Hello there. I think I may have the answer to your question. If you go ahead and chech out the other replies I have made, you will find a universal code that with maintain any mainframe. PLease go ahead to look and ifyou have any questions please contact me at

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Same experience as well

by sheilalh In reply to Downloads from TechRepubl ...

Hi Chris

I too am having problem nowadays downloading for Techrepublic. And yes, i am behind the firewall as well. Please share solution


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I think I have 'bad' news

by eBob In reply to Same experience as well

1 - No 'secret code for maintaining the main frame' will help with this.

2 - You should post requests like this with TR support, not in the forums. TR don't actually monitor the content here (much), and they especially don't look for support questions.

3 - Have you approached your Firewall Admin and asked him/her/them/it(?) to open up the ports a bit? I think if you did a poll of TR users, you would find that most of us are behind some sort of firewall, but we can manage to download without any real problem.

Q: What sort of problems downloading are you having, and how do you figure that the problems are a direct result of being behid a friewall? (Hey, just asking. Maybe "we" can help you figure this out with a bit more info.)

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Answer to question

by Chris A In reply to I think I have 'bad' news


1) The sysadm won't open up the ports a bit because it is a school.

2) I know it is firewall problem because there is a virri scanner running on it which drops all packets that are not html.

3) I am currently programming myself a solution to it which will bounce the file to an free ftp account and then I can down it from there. I will chuck it on one of servers that I use and post address here!

Chris Allen

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Sorry 'bout the last

by Chris A In reply to Answer to question

The program I write I WILL NOT chuck on a server for public use because it can be used for mailicous purposes but I will give you a tip on downloading files.

If you are any good with Visual Basic in word I suggest you give the following a go, itworks for me...

This page contains a piece of code that can be useful

If it does not work for u please let me know and I will send you a copy of my program when it is finished.

Chris Allen

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