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Downside of strong employment, and a job opportunity too

By Oz_Media ·
Most people in Canada and some in the US know that Alberta is one of eh most prosperous and successful provinces in Canadian history. They actually show a budget surplus each year ad have started issuing cheques to residents to pay back overpayments.

There is NO sales tax, it is one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada, the people are great and there's lots to do.

Alberta is a great place to work, there is unsurmountable opportunity for BIG BIG money to be made there too. The oil sands are hiring in a frenzy, thanks to our gluttonous American neighbours who demand more oil, and natural gas, exploration etc. are simply booming industries. Alberta is a great place for people to choose a path and succeed at it.

There is a tragic downside to all this though; IT companies can't service their clients as they are short of staff. People runni gIT companies are working ridiculous and unhealthy hours as they are so short staffed. KFC closed for a week due to a staff shortage. 7-11 stores can't find staff, fast food places are closing or offering drive through only due to a shortage of staff.

So while everyone seems to think that it is a cakewalk in Alberta, for an employer it s a nightmare, they have no staff!!!!

So, anyone who is sick of the US administration (better make that, 'anyone, with the exception of the few who are in favour of the US administration')can look to Alberta for many things, wildlife, a gorgeous province, no sales tax and employment opportunities EVERYWHERE!!!

I didn't realize such a prosperous province woul dbe having such issues.

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American Pride

by ccthompson In reply to Downside of strong employ ...

Why in the **** would I want to move to Canada. I need alot more reasons than that to give up the land of the free.

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by Oz_Media In reply to American Pride

You appear to be yet another one with no idea where Canada is, yet alone the benefits of being Canadian.

That's fine, you just stay home and leave out country pristine. You wouldn't like it here anyway, snow, polar bears eating the children, dog sleds to mush, it's no fun. Stay in PA where it's........nice?!

And never forget, America is the only FREE country in the world. Boy y'all is lucky!

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I like Canada

by ccthompson In reply to LOL

Dont get me wrong, ive been over the border and like the area. But, what is the point really, there is just as many opportunities here in the good ole USA.

As for free, i know Canada is free, they would have to be to be the way they are. Its all a matter of opinion, i didnt mean to offend. Just you like it there, i like it here. SO yea, i would need alot more reasons to move. Same as im sure you would need alot more reason to move from there.

Once again, a matter of opinion. I like the USA, all the people bitching about life here, must have never had a sled team in Canada, cause thats harsh living. Cheaper on gas though.

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Fair enough

by Oz_Media In reply to I like Canada

Your explanation was much more passive and understandable this time than your previous flag waving exhibition.

Why move to Canada? It's what you want from a country that would answer that I suppose.

Yes, you can find a city anywhere, they are all pretty much the same.

Canada is a place where people grow up in the environment, we are 'outdoorsy' people, we love our country for the natural environment we have.

I have travelled all over the US, and with exception of a few really nice states, I can't wait to get back to Canada and see trees, grass (it comes in green too you know), birds, sea and wildlife again.

Stats in a paper yesterday showed that over 94% of Canadians feel their kids should be wrapped in the environment as they grow, another 90% stat showed that Canadians are in full support of environmental protection and 'greener' laws to retain Canad's beauty. We just have to get our pathetic government off their asses and focused on the people again. We are 'land' people, the military and endless money are secondary and just not deemed as important by most people here. As long as you can pay your bills and enjoy the outdoors, it's great.

So what this all means, people prefer Canada because thay have more room to grow, the employment rates are excellent in most provinces, I don't know too many people out of work (unless by choice), it is a stunningly beautiful country with very diverse provinces and people, we have greater access to a wider variety of recreational activities (BC and Alberta mainly), there are so many more reasons too of course.

I think the main reason is environment and less ocngestion. We are free to roam and it's a LOT less crowded. I have been ALL over The States, I used to adore the US, but feel that over the last 20 years, its gone to **** in a handbasket and it will take a magic wand and many years to ever be what it once was.

A friend in Seattle sent his daughter here to live with her mother because he didn't want to raise her in the US. He is only there because it is more profitable for his company. But he's up here every chance he gets and will move up in a year or two. He wa ssaying that he hates the US, he can't wait to come to Vancouver when he visits his daughter because there's so much to do and the people are so much nicer. He lives in a fairly nice Seattle suburb but it's still riddled with a high crie rate and other unmentionables he doesn't want his daughter surrounded with. She had to drop a grade when she came to Canada, as she couldn't keep up, but has since been moved ahead again and is on the honor role now, an opportunity she doesn't think she had in the US with a more crowded school paying less attention to her needs as a student.

America is an EASY place to make a bundle of money, but there seems to be more jobs and happier people here it due to a less dense population.

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Where im from

by ccthompson In reply to Fair enough

Like I said before, I didnt mean to offend, I love my country as much as you love yours. Off that subject.

Anyway, if you came to where I lived Oz, you would see its very similiar to Canada in the way that there is much wildlife, and things to do, yet there isnt alot of concrete around. Woods as far as the eye can see. My father owns a huge farm with great hunting ground.

Great Fishing, hunting, ATV trils, classic car shows every friday, if the weather is good, and so on.. I lived in the concrete jungle for a while, good old pittsburgh, so many people, cars, buildings, I was freaking out. No where to fish or even go for a hike.

To conclude, I just like my little nitch in PA, that looks alot like a peice from Canada, im happy here. As your happy there.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Where im from

Like I said, I have seen most states ( I toured with a few bands )and there are a few just like BC. As you say yourself, so many people and so many cars, well even in Vancouver it's not that bad...YET. But there is just SO MUCH territory that ISN'T overrun by man's quest that it is effortless to escape it all.

The thing that most notice when visiting Canada (BC especially) is that you can have a business meeting at 7AM, be sailing at noon, skiing at 5PM and camping in teh middle of nowhere at 10PM. Without driving more than 40 minutes. On sunny weekend it takes me hours sometimes to figure out what to do, there's just SO many recreational choices, no matter where you are.

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oz.. you forgot to tell him

by heml0ck In reply to LOL

to "Take off,Eh?!" {grin}

seriuosly though, there aren't many differnces between our countries. The ones that exist are summed up as follows:
1)Canadians are really concerned with how the US and the rest of the world see us.
2)The US really doesn't care what Canada thinks of the US.

Kinda sums it up, eh?

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I love the USA too

by TonytheTiger In reply to American Pride

but it's been quite a long time since 'Land of the Free' was even close to being an accurate descriptor of our country.

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by Jaqui In reply to I love the USA too

that's something you can blame microsoft for also, they don't want you to be able to think, that's why they have a gui only operating system.

and apple, for the mac that inspired microsoft to steal the ui.

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land of the free?

by heml0ck In reply to American Pride

Man you need to read some history!

(later)-whoops, guess I should take my own advice, and read the whole thread before shooting my mouth off.
not trying to offend, please disregard open line :~S

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