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Dr Death 'hides' in the U.S. - Beware

By Black Panther ·
Queensland premier in US 'Dr Death' hunt
09:44 AEST Wed Jun 15 2005
Queensland Premier Peter Beattie has arrived in the US with a new and aggressive tactic to track down the elusive Jayant 'Dr Death' Patel and pressure him into returning to Australia.

Beattie is sending two of his most senior officials to Portland, Oregon, where Dr Patel is believed to be hiding out, to conduct a media blitz with newspapers, radio and TV stations in the city.

Beattie hopes to spread the word to Portland residents and US authorities about the serious allegations against Dr Patel arising from the state's royal commission into Dr Patel's performance while working at a Bundaberg hospital.

"If we send a clear message then we believe we'll put appropriate pressure on him to return to Queensland," Beattie told a press conference with Australian and US media at Los Angeles International Airport.

Beattie will not travel to Portland.

He again ruled out granting Patel indemnity from prosecution if he agreed to return to Queensland to give evidence at the commission.

The premier did not rule out attempting to extradite the US citizen if he refused to travel to Australia willingly.

"Extradition of an American citizen here in the United States is incredibly difficult," Beattie said.

"There was a case in 2001 which makes it very hard to extradite US citizens.

"We know that, but are prepared to go down that road."

After a brief stopover in Los Angeles, the premier flew to the east coast of the US for scheduled trade meetings and events.

Beattie's Director-General, Dr Leo Keliher, and State Development Minister and former police minister Tony McGrady will fly to Portland on Wednesday.

No meetings have been set with Patel's lawyers or US authorities in Portland, but Keliher said he would be open to sitting down with Patel's lawyers if they contacted him.

"We won't be seeking them out, but they are aware we will be going up there and if they wish to contact us we will be speaking to them," Dr Keliher said.

The main priority is to speak with Portland media organisations.

Beattie, who read from the royal commission report at the press conference, said it was important Portland residents were aware of the commission's recommendations, including a murder charge, against Patel.

"We want the people of Portland, Oregon, and US authorities to be aware of that," Beattie said.

"These are the recommendations of an independent royal commission and we are urging Dr Patel to return to Queensland to appear before a royal commission and give evidence.

"We believe he shouldn't practice in the United States until he has appeared before that royal commission."

"... We would urge authorities in the United States not to allow him to practise medicine."

Patel, dubbed Dr Death by his colleagues, fled Australia on April 1. He has been linked with 87 deaths at Bundaberg Base Hospital and now faces several charges including murder and fraud.

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So... does Australia have the death penalty?

by Jessie In reply to Dr Death 'hides' in the U ...

... cuz if not, we should try him in some place like Texas... and fry him like a kite.

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No - death penalty...

by Black Panther In reply to So... does Australia have ...

Only if your Dr Death!

Apparently there are more yet to be 'uncovered'

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But Texas could not try him

by Montgomery Gator In reply to So... does Australia have ...

His alleged crimes took place in Australia, and Texas has no jurisdiction to try someone for crimes that took place outside of Texas.

Also, they do not fry condemned criminals any more in Texas. They wimped out like all the other death penalty states in the USA and switched to lethal injection. Personally, I would like to see hanging as the method of execution, with the drop that breaks the neck. Quick and clean. Organs still useful for transplants, unlike with the electric chair and lethal injection.

Perhaps the case of Dr. Patel might get the people in Australia to rethink the death penalty and reinstate it.

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by deepsand In reply to Dr Death 'hides' in the U ...

No offense intended, but, given its exceedingly narrow focus, what was your motive for posting this?

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The more people that are aware --- the better...

by Black Panther In reply to ???

Only to 'help' - If it saves one life then it is worth it.

It has been an 'enormous' issue here!

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2 things you should know.

by deepsand In reply to The more people that are ...

Here in the US, "Dr. Death" refers to Dr. Kevorkian, an advocate of the both the right to die & a right to assisted suicide. Hence, the title of your post takes on an entirely different context to North Americans.

Secondly, your "Dr. Death" is not in the news here, so readers here cannot place your post in context, thereby diminishing their interest.

You may wish to consider posting some background material.

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Yes you are right...

by Black Panther In reply to 2 things you should know.

Here's a couple of links

Interpol hunt Dr Death

INTERNATIONAL airports and police around the world have been alerted by Interpol to watch out for one of Australia's most wanted, Dr Jayant Patel, who will face murder charges in Brisbane.,10117,15574011-421,00.html


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Nation's medical system is also culpable.

by deepsand In reply to Yes you are right...

That such malpractice should have been allowed to reach such proportion clearly stands to indict the nation's medical system as well; it too must be held accountable to the victims and their families.

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87 Deaths?

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Yes you are right...

It seems like it took a while for people to catch on to his dastardly deeds. I would think that they would be suspicious after maybe 5 to 10 deaths. I hope he is caught and made to return to Australia for trial and to face punishment if found guilty.

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Makes one wonder as to who's minding the store!

by deepsand In reply to 87 Deaths?

That such should have been allowed to continue for so long is unconscionable.

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