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By Ciderick ·
Just been having an interesting conversation with some fellow workers regarding drugs & legalisation. Many different viewpoints developed such as: -

1) Legalise none of it
2) Legalise soft drugs (hash & the like)
3) Legalise all of them & let the money raised help those people who become addicted (believe it or not, it was a very strong argument - I just don't have time to write the whole thing).
4) Make beer & ciggies illegal (!!!!)

I think the american law is too harsh on the softer drugs & use all the old proven wrong arguments like 'gateway' drugs - If you tell people that hashish will kill you & then they find out you lied about that, they are more likely to take harder drugs therefore, misinformation is more of a gateway than soft drugs. Also, if soft drugs were legal, you wouldn't need to go see Shifty McDealer to get them & would not be introduced to his other wares.

Just interested to see what you guys & gals think.

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by jdclyde In reply to Drugs

No one ever said hashish will kill you that I have EVER heard.

For number three, why waste the money raised on addicts? They made the choice, so just give them a place to go to that they can be addicted and not be a threat to anyone else.

Legal drugs would cost less because you don't have to sneak everything into the country.

Legal drugs would raise state and federal "revenue" through excessive "sin taxes".

Crime would go down, because of no more "turf wars". (although the shootouts are the only way we keep the number of "gangsta-rappers" down! This is NOT an advantage.)

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not so easy

by Oz_Media In reply to Misinformation?

government grow ops grow shite. They would have to compete with a black market, they would have to be high quality while being extremely inexpensive, otherwise the underground market will always prevail.

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just give me some

by jck In reply to Drugs

I'm giving up being upstanding...

Doesn't pay off.

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Legalize all of it

by road-dog In reply to Drugs

Why? Because fighting it simply doesn't work. The billions spent on interdiction are seizing lots of it but so much more gets in that the quality is going up and the price is coming down.

We should try something else, if for no other reason than because this way isn't working.

I suggest putting the monies spent on interdiction be spent on rehab instead.

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No incentive

by ozi Eagle In reply to Legalize all of it

Also legalising it all would remove the incentive for pushers to push - nothing in it for them.

No advertising allowed, though.

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Legalize none of it

by azul In reply to Drugs

Soft drugs? That is like soft porn.

Either you're a wuss or or your unfulfilled.

Use the money...Heh, after the political dust settles it would be another underfunded budget buster.

Nobody quits untill they really want to and if your really want to you don't need therapy.
(voice of experience)

Putting users in prison doesn't make them stop using. It only delays the use...

To effectively deal with the drug problem, the powers that be will have to deal with the issues that drive, and encourage drug use but no politician that wants to keep his job will touch that issue.

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If you don't know

by Oz_Media In reply to Legalize none of it

Then you certainly can't voice a valid opinion.

YES, there are soft drugs and NO there is no relational similarities to soft porn.

Ergo, your entire argument is unqualified fluff, just like most of the political opinions aired by our governments.

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"If I don't know...?"

by azul In reply to If you don't know

If I don't know what?

I am a former drug user, few people do the amount of drugs that I did in the amount of time that I did and live. I am only not dead by divine intervention.

When I did drugs, nothing was more annoying to me than "soft drug users". They're idiots. If you think you are any different than the coke head because you only smoke mother nature than you're an idiot too.

The relationship to "soft drugs" to porn is this:

The consumers of such are convinced there is nothing wrong with what they are doing, it is not as bad as the hard stuff and typically look down at those who consume the hard stuff. All of which is bull dung.

The difference between the consumers of the hard stuff and the soft stuff is that the those who consume the hard stuff are more honest about what they want and have less pretense about what they are doing.

Put that in your bong and smoke it.

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I disagree

by Ciderick In reply to "If I don't know...?"

As a former user & a trained drugs counselor I totally disagree with your statements. There is a lot of difference between a quick toot on a bong & getting smacked out. Heroin & crack kill several people each year yet the death toll for cannabis users is virtually nil (admittedly there is the cancer risk & the idiots who get stoned then think they are Colin McRay).

Also, in my several years experience I have yet to have a pot smoker come to recieve counselling for serious abuse of the drug & I have had several smack heads for whom we were the last resort before death (& the success rate with them was incredibly low - as little as 1 in 10 not relapsing).

BTW - divine intervention may have helped you but lets remain grounded here - it was either an excellent support group of friends & family or pure outright luck.

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How is it ....

by azul In reply to I disagree

How is it that divine intervention is not grounded.

It is hard to believe you are a drug rehab counselor and have no appreciation for faith.

For your understanding I guess it was all luck, which negates my will to change.

No appreciation for faith, disregad for ones will, I really wonder how effective you are at helping...

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