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In putting in a dsl line and service in my place I discovered that the phone Company and Modem Manufacturer totally under rate the potential of EMI/RFI interference.
I traced down a problem wherein the DSL modem would loose signal MOST of the time.
I found that a Main computer on the same power circuit as the modem, even with EMI/RFI suppressor filters installed in the power line, would **** of the DSL Modem. Putting the computer 30 feet away and on another cicuit no help. However , whenever power was put to the computer ( 1.2 Ghz running Win2k) it would kill the modem.
Since it happened in less than a second it had to be the power supply in the computer.
The Phone Co and Modem People And the guy who sold me the new power supply said it couldn't be.

IT WAS. New Power supply no problem. I might add that the tip off was that the old one was 250 watts and a lot of junk had been added to the machine over the last year, probably pushed it to the limit.

Gary O

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