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DUI crack down in the US this weekend

By jdclyde ·
This weekend in the US there will be a nation wide stepup on Drunk Driving, supposedly to a level it has never hit before.

In other words, the cops will be out in force, and they will not have much of a sense of humo(u)r.

Expect sobriety check points, coast to coast.

How do you keep from getting in trouble this weekend? Simple. Don't drink and drive. If your out to party, get that designated driver, and pay for his/her SODA all night long.

Be safe and come back in one peice next week.

Happy Holidy!


Oh yeah, everyone wish Tig good luck on her walk!

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by jck In reply to DUI crack down in the US ...

Have one less drink when out golfing the back 9...right jd? hehe

Personally...I don't drink and drive...might spill some if I hit a pothole.

Seriously...don't just make it about this weekend...or any weekend.

Make it about every day. There's no reason to drink and drive.

I lost my friend when I was 12 cause of a drunk driving accident...after his mother and aunt got plastered after church and picked him up for court-ordered visitation from his father's house.

Just say spilling your drink...or killing your neighbor...or your friend...or your relative...or someone else's...whatever good reason you need.

just don't drive drunk...anytime...ok?


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Gotta start somewhere

by jdclyde In reply to absolutely

I will worry about this weekend before I worry about next weekend.

And this holiday season, because there are so many assclowns in such a hurry to get no where, the death tolls always rise. I NEVER go away on the holiday weekends anymore because of it.

As for on the back nine, got the boys, and I am NEVER intoxicated around them, EVER. They see me drink, but they also see me drink responsibly. I hope I am setting a good example for them for when they start to drink on their own.

There will be a standing, no-questions-asked pickup policy, anytime they need it, and all of my friends know they have that same standing offer.

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if you're gonna start sometime...

by jck In reply to Gotta start somewhere

now is the best time. :)

Glad you don't drink and drive.

And just remember...if they get arrested for it...go see em in jail...go to their hearings...but if you raised em not to...and they do it anyways...let em suffer the consequences.

Anyways...I'll be drinking my house...and, I won't drive anywhere.

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The police state

by CrashOverider In reply to DUI crack down in the US ...

I think this is just another step toward the police state that the politicians want to instate. I can see in the future they will say we need permanent checkpoints, a national identification (to get the immigrants)[this has also already been passed as the Real ID Act].

I do not think that drinking and driving is a good thing to do but I don't think that we need checkpoints to keep us safe we need to make sure people are responsible for their actions.

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Making people be responsible

by jdclyde In reply to The police state

and how would you propose this?

If your not for checking and taking unsafe drivers off the road like this, what would your solution be to get the drunks?

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Re: Making people responsible

by CrashOverider In reply to Making people be responsi ...

Ok my plan for this will seem a bit weird but please try and stay with me.

First all the roads should be owned by private owners i.e. Neighborhood associations, business owners, or other people. With private roads the owner can set the rules for that road some may not have a limit and some may say if you have .000001 bac you are in violation of the terms that were set and the private owner would be able to go after [financially] the driver for violation of the terms. The owner of the road would have to pay for enforcement of the rules.

Second If a drunk driver does damage to private property he should be responsible to pay for the damage and if he cannot pay for the damage right away he should have to pay interest also.

This is just my idea I think if you let the free market work without government regulations there may be ideas that I could never dream of to take care of this problem.

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I take it that

by TonytheTiger In reply to Re: Making people respons ...

You've never lost a loved one because of a drunk driver. Paying for the damage doesn't cover it!

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Yes and no

by CrashOverider In reply to I take it that

My sister was in a accident that was caused by a drunk driver she did not loose her life but she was trapped in the car for a couple hours and was in a wheelchair for a few years she can now walk but still has problems with her legs.

Second I lost my brother to a vehicle accident about 7 years ago because the accident was around 1 am the police assumed my brother was drunk and let the other driver (driving a semi) off without a single violation even tho he clearly did not yield to oncoming traffic.

So to answer your question no I never lost anyone close to me to drinking and driving but I have had a couple close experiences.

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I am with Tony on this

by jdclyde In reply to Re: Making people respons ...

Punishment AFTER someone is dead is too late.

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Punishment after the fact

by CrashOverider In reply to I am with Tony on this

JD, you think that punishment after someone is dead is too late. How do you propose we handle this? Should everyone go though psychological evaluations to determine if they have a personality that would make them more likely to murder a individual? If they are found to have that behavior should they then be incarcerated without even committing a crime? What about someone that thinks about how to kill another person should the person then be committed of a thought crime?

Oh yea lets just throw out the idea of a person is innocent until proven guilty.

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