dupfinder deleting duplicate files

By fredwinter ·
i have run dupfinder and have thousands of duplicate files. how do i delete them in batches or all at once? deleting them individually is not on - I wont live that long.
Fred Winter

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More information required.

What operating system are you referring to?
What size of harddrive are you referring to?

By "thousands of duplicate files" do you mean the thousands are ALL the same file?

You should be aware that many operating systems have many duplicated files that are a necessity for the system. Deleting files simply because thay happen to have a duplicate somewhere else, can be detrimental to your system. The system might not start again.

More importantly, how are you to know WHICH FILE is the DUPLICATE and which is the original!

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Both claim ease of multiple deletes

by IC-IT In reply to dupfinder deleting duplic ...

This freeware version, got nice reviews in an old TechRep discussion.

Haven't tried this one, but it looks ok.

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Most Duplicate File Software has settings

by LocoLobo In reply to dupfinder deleting duplic ...

First, Computassyst is correct. You need to make sure you are not deleting system files. In some cases the system HAS duplicates. Deleting them can cause problems.

I'm not familiar with dupfinder but there should be a place to tell it which types of files to scan, eg; .jpg, .doc, .txt, etc. There is usually a place to tell it which folders to scan. It's probably better to not scan your system or program folders for now.

Once your list is generated, there is usually a menu choice or button for selecting all duplicates. I use Duplicate File Finder, it's button just selects the second, third, fourth duplicates it found. They may not be the duplicates. Does it matter to you?

Check the Help files. Maybe someone with dupfinder experience can give some specific advice.

Good Luck

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