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DVD Disc Recognition

By mike ·
I have a Mesh computor that has a Pioneer DVD115 drive as well as a seperate CD-RW drive. Recently I have changed operating systems from Win 98SE to XP. Since that time DVD discs are not recogmised when a disc is inserted a flickering icon on the desktop of a disc suggests it is being read then a message box asks for a disc to be inserted.
Any Ideas please.

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try the new SP1 for XP

by mrjay67 In reply to DVD Disc Recognition

If you havent already or if you are able, try getting the new service pack SP! for XP. There is a possible issue if you have Norton AV 2002 and Roxio easy CD creator 5.1 installed. You can check this KB article, Q314993, at
If this is not an issue do the basics and double check drive connections and try updating drivers or software related to problem.
May also check article Q321640 on problems with UDF(universal disk format).
Check article Q321641 for more troubleshooting tips.

Hope this helps or gets you in a right direction.

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or download the DVD updates

by TheChas In reply to DVD Disc Recognition

Despite how much I like using XP, it is a pain to get everything working sometimes.

If you are not ready to be a guinnea pig for SP1, just download and install the updates that you want / need for the DVD drive, and other software.

Note: unless you had a fairly new DVD player package, you will need to update your DVD player software so it can work with XP.

I have seen both Power DVD and WinDVD players for under $10 at several web-tailers.


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forget XP

by ghstinshll In reply to or download the DVD updat ...

Uninstall XP, and go to Win2K Pro...

Of course, Chas had a good mention above as well... (-:{

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by kevg In reply to forget XP

I'm dual booting with win98 and XP on a P2 - 400Mhz, using Cyberlink PowerDVD.
I found that under XP it was slow and jerky as **** that it was useless.
Under win98 its perfect.
I've seen the same thing on several other machines, including higher end PC's.

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