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    DVD R/RW + –


    by deeda ·

    I am wondering if anyone has had experience with the DVD R/RW + or -. I am looking at buying a computer for my home with a DVD R/RW in it and after talking to a kid at bestbuy he said to get the + & – one cuz not all DVD players play both. Also ifyou get a DVD R/RW drive does the other drive in your PC need to be a DVD ROM to be able to burn them, it would make sense to me that it should be but the kid at best buy didnt really say. we are looking at a SONY Computer with the CDROM & DVD RW/Rwith both a + – format. Please if any one had any experience or suggestions let me know.

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      regular cd rom

      by professional_pcs ·

      In reply to DVD R/RW + –

      It must be a dvd rom to read a dvd disk even to burn an image.The regular cd rom does not read the dvd file

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