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I'm looking for Java Applets-web browser Software, similar to this URl...,
where visitor can actually add logo, texts and images on the products in a JSP envirnoment and save it,for my e-commerce web sites
How it can be the software available?



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re Java Applets

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Ecommerce Site - Java App ...

Well, to begin with, I certainly wouldn't want to put an applet on my commercial site that has an unverified certificate like that example. Also, requiring permission to install an applet so they can view the site would drive customers away. But, if you want free applets, they're a dime a dozzen all over the internet. Have you tried searching for them? Here are just a few sites to start:

and..... here are a couple of links to start learning how to write your own:

Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Only For A Restricted Audience

by JohnnySacks In reply to Ecommerce Site - Java App ...

Applets and other embedded objects (e.g Flash, Silverlight) for a 'public' website? No way, even eBay and Amazon avoid them. Personally, I tend to despise the type of stupid eye candy this crap presents and avoid sites that try to hide a poorly designed interface behing this curtain of crap. If you feel otherwise, stop asking, there's nothing anyone can do for you.

As a way to deploy a very rich and capable GUI application to a pre-defined set of end users, applets will cause more problems than they cure because they need to operate within the 'sandbox' of a web browser. Security and development issues will be a problem, along with what that damn back button causes.

Sun overcame this problem with Java WebStart (Microsoft ClickOnce followed soon thereafter), allowing applications to be installed and updated as required from a central web server. Works incredibly well from my admittedly narrow perspective.

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